April 2018

A change to the scheduled task again today to try and get on top of pirri pirri bur before the ground nesting bird season. The recent bad weather has helped in this regard, extending the amount of time that we have to tackle this but fortunately this abated allowing a pleasant day in the dunes,

A good turnout of volunteers gave us a good chance of getting it all done by the end of play.

The challenge is getting as much of the root material out as possible. It is a pretty stubborn beast with a long tap root so patient subterranean foraging for root material is required.

Yellowcraig is now free of pirri pirri, at least visible green plant material, but there will defiantly yet be regrowth from seed bank and rootstock. However hopefully we can get on top of this in the coming years thanks to the help of everyones dedication to the task

: )

Thanks all.

March 2018

Planks, planks, planks …everywhere, after being lost from a container ship off the north-east English coast. Thousands of them, distributed throughout the mouth of the Forth, but particularly badly hit were stretches of the East Lothian coast, including Yellowcraig.

Apparently untreated but still unsafe for bathers and small craft,  we had an unscheduled effort to organise the 1000+ pieces for uplift by ELC Amenity Services. Duly done, the place looked back to normal….until the next load came in on the soon to follow relentless easterlies, which is taking its toll on the seabirds, particularly guillemots that are washing ashore along the coastline. Anyway big thanks to those that came out to help with the short notice call.

Due to the bad weather this winter, and heavy snow, we were behind time in our schedule to clear the site of pirri pirri in advance of bird breeding season. And so it was that we worked our way along through the dunes digging as we went, aiming to be as selective as possible  to limit the ground damage. Another step towards completion so thanks all for turning out.