November 2019


As the well known ditty goes:  “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands around your sandwich to wring the frigid water out]”, which incidentally marked the point when we through in the towel (if only we’d had that too!).

If it’s good enough for cormorants!


For once rain seemed destined to plague us all morning, increasing in persistence throughout as we commenced the first pirri digging activity of the year.

It was a tough gig when temperatures are down and you are sitting in one place for a prolonged period trying to disentangle the roots and stems, leaving as much of the natural dune vegetation as possible.

Progress was made, but was slow and following a particular impressive dousing at lunch, we beat a retreat, with a few less bedraggled souls staying on to undertake an early spring clean on the tool container.

Here’s hoping for sunnier sessions to come over the winter.

Thanks all for toughing it out as long as you did!

Every cloud…