December 2020

2020 is not a year to forget easily for all the wrong reasons, but despite the restrictions we did manage a healthy dose of conservation and maintenance work with a handful of group outings from the back end of the summer. Restrictions tightened again of course but a lucky few still managed to make it out on tasks, paired up with me where there was  no escape from my rambling -witterings  ; )

Repairs to the steps on the east side of the ‘craig’; BBQ site repairs, owl box erection, bat box checks, pirri pulling, burning and ‘beating up’ of new tree plantings comprised some of the work on site.

There has also been an amazing mount of litter cleared by other volunteers and members of the public when they visit the site throughout the year. You know who you are, and thank you for all the help. It makes a massive difference!

I’ll be in touch about more opportunities to burn off those mince pies in January 21 , T hanks again for all your support.


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