Old mobiles urgently needed

Have you got any unwanted mobile phones at home?  There is a brilliant opportunity for us to get some new ICT equipment for our school.  If we can collect 250 old mobiles the company which manufactured our interactive whiteboards will give us 33 handsets which work with the boards.  They can be used to send answers to questions, fire sentences onto the board, select multiple choice answers and vote.  The kit usually sells for £1900, so getting it free is quite a saving!

We are teaming up with St Mary’s Primary in Haddington to have a realistic chance of achieving the target.  We will then share the set of handsets with them (e.g. a month’s use in each school).

The icing on the cake is that if we can do this, the manufacturer will also give £500 to the NSPCC.  This will be used to support Childline and the NSPCC’s own helpline.  As the number of calls to Childline is so high, the charity is no longer able to cope and this money will be put straight towards alleviating the problem.

Please ask friends and relatives.  It’s amazing how many mobiles are lying around in drawers.  If you have teenagers, there are probably stacks of old mobiles somewhere in the bedroom!

Mr Devereux