Calling all businesses

Over the last few years we have been very successful in teaching enterprise.  Both the school and some of its staff have won awards for enterprise developments.  A large part of this is down to our  business partners who have generously contributed to helping our pupils.  This has included giving advice to pupils, providing workplace visits, supplying materials and know-how and supporting enterprise projects with professional expertise in the classroom.  We now have nine partners, our latest being the Chocolate Tree in Haddington.  But we’d love to have more.  If you own or work for a business (large or small) and think that your company might have something to offer, please get in touch.  The relationship is not just one-way and I would be happy to explain the mutual benefits.  You can get a flavour of enterprise and the role of our partners by visiting the Enterprise Section of our site.

Please ring the school office or email if you would like to join us.

Mr Devereux