Help with charity bulb planting

Every year we take part in an inter-school quiz organised by Haddington Rotary Club.  Next Saturday we can do something to help the club.  

The Club has arranged to plant 5000 crocus bulbs outside the Maitlandfield hotel in the flowerbed on the street side of their wall. This is part of a nationwide world record attempt to plant the most number of crocuses in a single day. The flowers will all come up purple just in time for Rotary day – Thanks for Life which is 23rd Feb next year.

Rotary Day – Thanks for Life is a project involving the clubs and members of Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland to highlight the humanitarian work of Rotarians with the number one aim of helping to eradicate polio throughout the world. It costs just 50p to immunise a child against polio and despite that there are pockets in the world in places like Afghanistan and India where polio is a continuing problem. Bill Gates Foundation is working with Rotary on the project and for every £1 we raise they provide £1.50, so 5 children are vaccinated for £1. Rotarians helped Indian volunteers to vaccinate 67 million children in just 2 days earlier this year.

In order to tell if a child has been immunised they have their pinkie dipped in purple ink to avoid being done twice. This is why there is a focus on the purple colour of the flowers and there will be various fund raising events to support the cause next February.

The Rotary Club would very much like primary school children to take part in the planting event in Haddington on the Saturday morning.  Crocus planting will be from 10am on Saturday 2nd October.  East Lothian Council is digging the holes in the plot just outside the Maitlandfield Hotel and the children will plant the bulbs. All are in buckets the Council will replace the turf.