“Is this a dagger?”

On Friday 13th May as part of the Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival, Wee stories “Is this a dagger?” by Andy Cannon was presented in Yester Primary. It was a fabulous production and very much enjoyed by old and young.

On Friday 13th May I saw “Is this a dagger?” along with a lot of other people. It was held in our  school hall. The actor was Andy Cannon doing a fantastic story of Macbeth. It was slightly creepy but he had the talent to make it funny as well. He had lots of props to help him tell the story. The sound effects and music were also brilliantly done. I would highly recommend it to all ages!


On Friday 13th May, Andy Cannon put on a show called “Is this a dagger?It was about a king of “an awfie lot of Scotland “called Duncan. Macbeth killed him during the night because the witches said he would be  king and he liked the idea.