School meals update

In order to provide greater variety and choice, the schools catering service is introducing seasonal summer and winter menus.  The new two-week summer lunch menu will start at Yester on Monday 6th June.  The cost for this lunch will be £1.90 as from August.

The summer menu consists of a choice of two hot main meal options (one of which is vegetarian), a filled backed potato, a plated salad and a choice of dessert.  Free bread, salad and a cold drink ar available with the meal.  The new menu meets all of the Scottish Government’s nutrtional standards.

You will shortly receive a leaflet explaining the new menu.  If you would like to have a look at it before this, it has been posted on East Lothian Council’s website:

2 thoughts on “School meals update”

  1. went on east lothian council website today sunday 5th june as per email advised and found no primary school menu very dissappointed as new menu starts monday 6th june2011,will have to send daughters to school with packed lunches as no informaion availiable, could you please advise me of the new menu?

  2. I’m sorry that the menu hasn’t been published on the Council’s website. We have now received a copy of it so I will post this up on the news page for you.

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