Website up and running…at last

You may have wondered why our website has gone so quiet.  Sadly, earlier this term, the entire East Lothian education network was attacked by a virus and all the schools’ websites had to be shut down for weeks while specialists worked to repair the damage.  Our site is up and running again, and we have updated most of the written content to reflect the start of a new year.

The class blogs are still last year’s.  Because of the delays caused by the viral attack, we are still in the queue for having new blogs for this year’s classes set up.  Last year’s will eventually be archived for those of you who want to look back at them.  Mrs Jamieson has simply added new material to last year’s blog, so hers is still current, even though it is called Primary 1 rather than Primary 1/2.  We will let you know when the new blogs are running.  Hopefully very soon!  In the meantime we hope you find the website informative.  Please let us know if you think we could make any improvemements.

The Webmaster