Silent Night – celebrating peace at Christmas

This morning, P4 participated in a unique live webcam conference with pupils from Qworzo school in Belgium, and Freie Schule Kassel in Germany.

One hundred and two years ago at Christmas, while WW1 was raging, soldiers in the trenches of France and Belgium were thinking about their families and wished they weren’t fighting. One of them placed a small tree with candles out of their trench, and soon other trees and candles appeared. Eventually and incredibly that Christmas Eve, it wasn’t long before the soldiers from both sides laid down their weapons and joined together to sing songs and even play a game of football! One of the songs they sang was Silent Night.

We wanted to remember this occasion, and so the three countries joined together today to sing songs, including a special version of Silent Night, sung in Dutch, German and English!

Watch the recorded live webcam conference here and perhaps even join in with some of the singing!
Belgian pupils get ready to sing!
2 Yester pupils sing Silent Night!

Note: If you have any problems getting the link to work, please try this link here, and click where it says “Go to the Replay”. Note, this won’t work on a phone – it needs to be a laptop or a PC.

3 thoughts on “Silent Night – celebrating peace at Christmas”

  1. Comment from the teacher in Belgium, Dave Schrauwen:
    Hi Steffen and Michael,
    Thanks very for participating in this little project with us!
    The pupils in my class loved the project too!
    Our pianist is our town’s policeman who gave traffic lessons to these children for many years, but retired last year. He too was very impressed by the beauty of this small and simple project. He told me he would very much like to be involved in the next edition of this project if we would like to repeat it again last year…
    Thank you Michael for your excellent presentation and thank you Steffen for setting up and finalizing the flashmeeting!

  2. Comment from the German teacher, Steffen Toeppler:
    That was truly special.
    I/We very much enjoyed this event.
    Thank you for the idea and all preparations, Dave!
    Thank you for the very good moderation, Michael.
    You should have told me you’d be speaking German to announce your
    song, Dave, so I would have prepared a little text in Dutch in
    That was all very, very nice. We’re enchanted.

    Greetings from
    Ecki and Steffen

  3. Well done on your first live webcam Primary 4. What a wonderful experience for you to be linked with Belgium and Germany to sing some Christmas songs. And you sang so well. There were maybe stars mentioned in your song but the real stars are you all!
    Thank you for doing this.

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