Benmore – P7

Hey! We’ve all arrived safely after a smooth journey with lovely views of the Arrocher Alps covered in snow. Everyone has enjoyed exploring as well as fish and chips for tea. We are about to head out on the night walk. More tomorrow when there’s more time. All very happy and excited.

14 thoughts on “Benmore – P7”

  1. Thanks for letting us know you’ve arrived safely. The views are fabulous up there. Have a great time P7. Wrap up warm! Watch out for red squirrels! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in your daily updates. 🙂

  2. Awe, so glad you’ve all arrived safely. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time. Fish and chips…….what a treat. Lucky p7s. Hope you all have a wonderful night walk, and manage to get some sleep tonight. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Thanks to all the lovely teachers for giving up their time. You’re all amazing.

  3. Glad to hear you all arrived safely! Have a fantastic time on your night walk, hope you spot lots of exciting critters!

  4. Glad you have arrived safely.
    Hope you all have a fantastic time.
    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures.
    Missing Carys already xx

  5. good to know you have all arrived safely. hope it’s not too cold and that you are all wrapped up warm. looking forward to more updates

  6. So disappointed that we weren’t able to fit in the suitcase. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures. Yester Primary seems so much quieter at home time, or is that just me?

  7. Lovely to here you all arrived safe and sound,night walk sounds fun,fish and chips lucky P7 can’t wait to hear all about your adventures have fun all xxx

  8. Glad to hear of your safe arrival, hope Mrs Mercer wast too sick on the bus ?. Night walk are great fun, hope you found, saw & heard lots. ?

  9. So glad your all having a great time and enjoying all the activities . home is so quiet without you Taylor everyone asking after you and hopes your having a ball can’t wait to hear all about your adventures xx

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