Benmore Day 2

Food is definitely proving popular with large helpings being eaten at each meal – afternoon tiffin with cake also much anticipated. Groups today went caving (well done to Mrs Mercer for squeezing through the tunnel too), in the forest (where Ms Kavanagh took part in a race through a concrete water pipe), doing a gorge walk and dashing through mud on mountain bikes. Our class has been mingling well with the other schools, sometimes choosing to sit at other schools’ tables. It did rain a lot today, but we would all have got very muddy and wet anyway. Many thanks to folk leaving comments which we will pass on. We will try to get some photos on soon. It was a bit dark and wet for photos today and Mr Devereux thinks his camera has died in the rain. Oh dear.

I had lots of fun doing caving and crawling through small gaps, says Jemma.

I had lot of fun gorge walking, says Amy.

I had fun mountain biking because I splashed through lots of puddles, says George.

I have enjoyed all of the time activities. I have also enjoyed spending time with my friends. PS Hi Mum, says Alastair.

16 thoughts on “Benmore Day 2”

  1. Hi Alistair and friends. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I’m well jel!
    Love Jane (Ali’s Mum)

  2. Really pleased to hear that everyone has settled in and are partaking in the local customs and cuisine. I hope the pupils are not going to wear the teachers out too early in the week! It all sounds like you are having an amazing time… no bad weather just poor clothing! Hope it’s early to bed & a full nights sleep so you can do it all again tomorrow! ?????‍♀️

  3. Wow…..what a busy day you’ve had!!! Sounds amazing. The house is very quiet here, even though it’s the quiet one that’s not here!!! Just wait for 2 years time………….!!!Have a lovely evening. Thanks for the updates.

  4. All brilliant activities for such a wet day! Hope you all enjoyed a hot shower afterwards. Weather looking better for you tomorrow. Have fun!

    Ps pass on our congratulations to Louisa, Daisy and Rorie, for getting through to the swimming finals next week.

  5. Sounds like great fun.
    Looking forward to seeing some photos and hearing more about your adventures .
    Hope the weather improves.
    Have a fab day tomorrow.

  6. So pleased you are all having so much fun!
    (and also lots of cake!)
    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

  7. Hearty meals a necessity after all that adventuring with cake the very thing to finish it all off! Really great to hear your comments and glad you enjoying the activities! Hope you were not too wet today and hopefully the sun will shine for you all tomorrow! Have loads of fun, thinking of you all! Huge thanks to teachers for posting too!

  8. We’re glad to hear that you’re all having fun! Thanks for letting us know what you’re getting up to, it all sounds very exciting. Shame about the camera! R.I.P.

    The house is very quiet without you Reese (Elfie quit her yowling), and your Dad, predictably, says that you are a fish. Cadence says she hopes you are behaving yourself! 😛 We look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you come home (”,)

  9. Sounds like you are having a great time P7. Hope Ms Kavanagh, Mrs Mercer and Mr Devereux are managing to keep up with you. Look forward to seeing all the photographs and hearing all your stories. Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow. Love Mrs Hilsley. X

  10. Glad you are all having a fab time it’s raining hear to. I hope Taylor D has been trying the food as she is a very fussy eater chips,chips,chips Danny and Harris miss you love mum xx

  11. pleased to hear that there is lots of food! hope the rain stops soon, looking forward to reading what tomorrow’s activities will have been. Please tell Louisa, Daisy and Rory that the swim relay is through to the finals next week.

  12. Sounds as if the food is being a hit with the P7’s…
    Glad to hear that you arrived safely and enjoyed your 1st day of activities, caving today.

    Looking forward to all the updates and pictures of your adventures.

    We hope you are having an amazing time, enjoy!!

  13. My goodness, what a busy day! It makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. It’s good to know there’s lots of yummy food to give you plenty of fuel for all this activity. Hope today is just as much fun!

  14. Lovely to hear all your news P7. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Sounds like you are having some memorable adventures and making some new friends too.

    Zoe the house is very quiet without you and Harris keeps asking when you’ll be coming home! We are all looking forward to seeing your pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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