Benmore Day 4

It was quite warm today (though the gorge walkers didn’t think so) and it bstopped raining by lunchtime. Louisa wore five pairs of socks for the gorge walk so hopefully her toes were warm. Afterwards when Oliver took off his boot and tipped out about a litre of water, a live frog fell out and hopped through the door into the garden. It must have lived in his boot for about half an hour. Jessica proved that she is a human monkey by doing the overhang on the climbing wall. Rorie and Callum both overcame a fear of heights and abseiled from a cliff. Tonight is the disco so Mrs Mercer and Ms Kavanagh are running a hair salon. Mr Devereux is planning to play pool with the boys while the girls are doing their hair. Lots of excitement to come…

7 thoughts on “Benmore Day 4”

  1. Enjoy strutting your stuff!
    See you tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures first hand, though not looking forward to the huge pile of clothes to wash! 🙂

  2. 5 pairs of socks! Good thing I sent loads of them with you Louisa, See you tomorrow, with your large washing pile!

  3. This excitement is never ending for you guys!!!! What an amazing time you’re having and a great experience. You’ve all been given such great opportunities. Have a blast tonight and enjoy the disco. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Missed you Matt!! Huge thanks to Mr Devereux, Mrs Mercer and Ms Kavanagh for making it all possible.

  4. Taylor! U are deeply and sadly missed , it’s been very sad without u and u better not have just been eating chips all week , aha anyway hope u had a good time and can’t wait till u get back tomorrow coz there will be a surprise love NiCoLe and RaChEl xoxoxoxox

  5. Hope you all had a great time tonight dancing the night away! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, young Jemster! Safe drive home everyone and thanks to all the teachers!

  6. Lol. Frog!? You always were close to nature. Hope you’ve all had a great time. See you soon xx

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