Benmore Day 5

There was so much enthusiasm for dancing at the disco last night that it was extended for a full half hour. The girls were so impressed with the hair dressing skills of Mrs Mercer and Ms Kavanagh, they suggested that they should start up a business. Tired after a full day, everyone went straight to sleep. This morning the children will pack their damp, dirty clothes ready for their parents’ attention! They have all had a brilliant time, but are looking forward to seeing their families again.

5 thoughts on “Benmore Day 5”

  1. I’m actually so excited about seeing you all!! Thank goodness for my big 11kg washing machine!!
    Ps please can you tell Matt to go with Callum (his mum knows!!) if I’m not there at pick. Working til after 12 at Saltoun. Guess it depends when you get back.
    Safe journey.

  2. Amazing! Sounds like a fantastic week of fun & I can’t wait to hear all about it. Thank you so much to Mrs Mercer, Ms Kavanagh & Mr Deverux for all your hard work, attention & going above & beyond (hairdressing? Is there no end to your talents?). If fear we have missed our children much more than they have had time to miss us….. let the washing machine over heat ?.

  3. sounds like you have all had a ball, So glad you’ve had a good time. Safe journey home, We parents are looking forward to seeing you all again

  4. Looking forward to seeing Alistair again, the house has been so much quieter without him, too quiet! Not looking forward to the mountain of dirty washing though!

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