Daily Timetable

P1-7 timetable Monday to Thursday

08.45-10.15 First teaching block

10.15-10.30 Interval

10.30-12.15 Second teaching block (Primary 1-2)

10.30-12.30 Second teaching block (Primary 3-7)

12.15-1.15   Lunch break (Primary 1-2) 

12.30-1.15   Lunch break (Primary 3-7)

1.15-2.55     Third teaching block  (Primary 1-2)

1.15-3.15     Third teaching block (Primary 3-7)

Pupils who arrive by bus or taxi are supervised in the playground from when they arrive at school until the start of school.

P1 and 2 pupils who travel by bus or taxi are supervised on a Monday – Thursday until 3.15.


P1-7 timetable Friday

08.45-10.15 First teaching block

10.15-10.30 Interval

10.30-11.50 Second teaching block (Primary 1-2)

10.30-12.00 Second teaching block (Primary 3-7)

P1&2 bus pupils are supervised on Fridays until 12.00.

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