What is Enterprise all about?

Enterprise is an exciting element of our pupils’ education. We are delighted to be part of this at Yester. Enterprise is not a subject in the curriculum, but an approach to teaching and learning. It involves children taking part in projects and activities which give them opportunities for developing creativity, innovation, decision-making ability, confidence and a host of other skills. These enterprising qualities are the building blocks of entrepreneurial skills.

We have many social enterprise activities taking place in school. Examples of these include: the Christmas Fair at which our pupils sell items they had made; the Eco Schools group which interviews other pupils who wish to join; and assemblies planned and organised by the children.

Another strand of enterprise is business awareness. This involves pupils gaining an understanding of the business world by visiting workplaces, listening to presentations by people from different jobs and looking for support from businesses for projects.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s workforce in industry, farming, commerce and service industries. By developing the life-skills they need early, we hope to give them a good foundation for their future lives.

How is enterprise taught?

Some enterprising activities take place outside the classroom. We have a team of pupils that organises games and toys to use in the playground. Sometimes a project the children take part in has an enterprise theme, for example in P7 where pupils take part in a mini political election. Enterprising teaching and learning takes place all the time across every area of the curriculum.

Iain Devereux is the enterprise co-ordinator at Yester. If you want to know more or feel that you or your company could help the school please get in touch with him at:


Find out more

This section of our website gives information about our business partnerships. These are local companies which are working with us to develop enterprise at Yester.

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