School staff

Management team

Head teacher – Mrs Heather Williams

Principal teacher – Mr Iain Devereux

Classroom teachers


P1 teacher – Mrs Jen Jamieson

P2 teacher – Miss Jill McNicoll

P3 teacher – Mrs Zoe Munro

P4 teacher – Mr Michael Purves

P5 teacher – Mr Iain Devereux

P6 teacher –  Mrs Lesley Cusack

P7 teacher – Mr Mark Woods

Support for learning – Mr Nigel Bird


Visiting teachers

Physical Education – Sally Carmichael

Music – Mr Kenny Hutchison

Instrumental instructor – Ms Hilary Turbayne

Support Staff

Admin Assistant – Mrs Carol Hughes

ASN/Auxiliary – Mrs Mandy Logan

ASN – Mrs Carole Meaney

Nursery Team – Mrs Morag Waterston, Mrs Arlene McWilliams and Mrs Angela Cooper

Classroom Assistant – Mrs Mairi Neillans

Janitorial, cleaning and catering staff

Janitors – Mrs Cheryl Anderson and Mr Kevin O’Connor

Dining Hall Supervisor- Miss Mandy Skillen

Playground Supervisor – Mrs Alva Sibbald

Dining Staff – Mrs Debbie Stenhouse, Ms Laura Robertson, Miss Claire Jeffreys, Ms Diane Drury

A window on the world of Yester School