Our School Improvement Plan

Every year the we produce a school improvement plan which details aspects of our school which we think we need to develop.  The plans explain how we are going to make these improvements and set out a timetable for carrying them out.  On this page you will soon find full details of our improvement plan for this session.  We hope that this will give you a clear picture of where we are going as a school. 

This link will enable you to download this year’s improvement plan:

Yester Primary School. SIP 22-23


And here is a copy of our latest Standards and Quality Report:

Yester S&Q June 2019

In producing the report we reflect on the four key capacities in A Curriculum for Excellence and consider how we are meeting these in the work we do in this learning community.

We use the improvement plan along with A Curriculum for Excellence to guide our thinking when developing the priorities for Yester Primary School.

A Curriculum for Excellence sets out the following as the four main capacities:

Successful Learners

In what way does our school enable all children to:

  • Use literacy, communication and numeracy skills?
  • Use technology for learning?
  • Think creatively and independently
  • Learn independently and as part of a group?
  • Make reasoned evaluations?
  • Link and apply different kinds of learning in new situations?

Confident Individuals

In what way does our school enable all children to:

  • Relate to other and manage themselves?
  • Pursue a healthy and active lifestyle?
  • Be self-aware?
  • Develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world?
  • Live as independently as they can?
  • Assess risk and take informed decisions?
  • Achieve success in different areas of activity?

Responsible Citizens

In what way does our school enable all children to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it?
  • Understand different beliefs and cultures?
  • Make informed choices and decisions?
  • Evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues?
  • Develop informed, ethical views of complex issues?

Effective Contributors

In what way does our school enable all children to:

  • Communicate in different ways and in different settings?
  • Work in partnership and teams ?
  • Take the initiative and lead?
  • Apply critical thinking in new contexts?
  • Create and develop?
  • Solve problems?

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