Uniform and Clothing

Our Dress Code

There is a dress code for all the schools in the Knox Academy Cluster Group. All of our parents support us in this.


A school dress code helps to:

  • Increase the sense of pupil identity with the school and instil a sense of pride.
  • Readily identify our children when they are outwith the school itself e.g. on school trips.
  • Develop a partnership with parents in decision-making about what is or is not appropriate dress for school.
  • Contribute to an ethos which sees school as providing primarily a working rather than social environment.
  • Reduce the element of competition between children in terms of clothing style and “labels” worn.

What should pupils wear?

The dress code itself is comprised of the following:

  • Yester sweat shirt – blue
  • Yester polo shirt- blue
  • Plain dark coloured (navy/grey/black) trousers/skirt

Optional items:

  • Yester fleece
  • Checked blue & white summer dress
  • Blue cardigan
  • White/blue/grey shirt (worn under sweatshirt)
  • School tie
  • Nursery sweatshirt in blue or gold

Footwear may cause some difficulties for parents. Accordingly, while we recommend that pupils wear shoes to school rather than trainers, we recognise that it might be difficult – for a variety of reasons – for parents to meet this requirement. Children must have a change of footwear for indoor use to avoid mud and dirt being trailed through school. Most of our children at present keep a pair of gym shoes for this purpose.

The following items of clothing, however are not be included in the dress code:

  • Jeans
  • Long ‘dangly’ or hooped earrings
  • Make-up

Practical Matters

Poloshirts and sweatshirts for both the Nursery and Primary 1-7 classes can be ordered direct from Patricia Bewsey Designs: https://www.garmentprinter.co.uk or by ringing 07970 920431.

All pupils need a painting overall/old shirt.

All clothing worn in school, including gym shoes and outdoor shoes, should be clearly marked with the child’s name.

We have a lost property box that is wheeled out to the front of the school for parents to look at if their children have lost items of clothing.

P.E. Kit

A tee-shirt together with gym shoes/trainers and shorts/tracksuit bottoms are essential kit for all P.E. and games activities. Pupils who do not bring P.E. kit to school will not be able to take part in P.E. lessons. Jewellery, and in particular ear-rings, should not be worn to P.E.

Assistance with provision of clothing

The Council operates a scheme of provision to ensure that a pupil is sufficiently and suitably clad to take full advantage of their education.


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