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Warning about respiratory illnesses

You will probably be aware that we have seen a large number of respiratory outbreaks in nurseries and schools in the past few weeks. These have caused service disruption with staff shortages and many pupils being absent from school/nursery.

The main symptoms being reported include: – Fever – Cough – Sore throat – Muscle aches – Sore tummy – Cold/Flu like symptoms – headache

These symptoms are consistent with respiratory viral illnesses such as the common cold, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza.

Respiratory viruses are spread by breathing in droplets produced when a person coughs or sneezes. You can also catch the virus by touching the surfaces that the droplets have landed on if you pick up the virus on your hands and then touch your nose or mouth. 

Key advice for parents and carers

In the home the risk of catching or spreading flu/cold like illness can be reduced by:

  • Regular hand washing with liquid soap and running water.
  • Covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  • Using a disposable paper tissue, disposed off immediately after use.
  • You can teach your child to sneeze into the ‘crook’ of their arm rather than their hands, if they don’t have a tissue.
  • Good general cleaning of surface that everyone touches often e.g. TV remote, light switches, door handles, toilet flushes and tap heads.

Children should not return to school until completely well and 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared.

RSPB Wild Day Out

As part of the Edinburgh Science Festival, RSPB Scotland and Historic Scotland will be running the Wild Day Out event for a third year running.

The free family-friendly event is being held at the Holyrood Park Education Centre on Saturday 13 April 2019, from 10am to 4pm.

Join RSPB Scotland and Historic Scotland for a day of discovery as you learn more about the rugged landscape and the amazing wildlife living in the heart of Edinburgh: with face painting, worm charming, minibeast hunts, a nature science lab and lots of other hands-on activities.

Run as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival, experts will be on hand to help you get up close with nature and to show you how every member of the family can help the natural world in your own back garden.

Summer arts activities

East Lothian Council Arts Service have put together a fantastic programme of summer holiday activities for young people, across the county.

These include: multi art camps, streetdance, musical theatre, stagecraft, computer animation, outdoor theatre and more!

To find out more click on this link go to and click on Summer Holiday Arts Activities on the homepage.

Activities can be booked online at .

The Big Bike Revival

Haddington is hosting the Big Bike Revival, a nationwide event promoted by Cycling UK.

The event is taking place at Knox Academy on Friday 26 May between 9:30 and 16:30

The aim is to reconnect people of all ages with cycling and promote cycling to potential new cyclists as well as encourage regular cyclists to continue.

What’s on offer:-

Ø  Bike mechanic on site for advice, demonstrations and minor repairs 10:00 – 14:00

Ø  Puncture repairs

Ø  Safety check advice and demonstrations

Ø  Introduction and advice on the Bikeability scheme for adults and children

Ø  Led rides at various times on local tracks and cycle paths

Ø  Entertainment by local rider Aaron Duke – a range of stunts and displays including some of Scottish cycling’s up to date bikes

Ø  Bananas and water supplied for participants

Ø  Borrow a bike for the led rides

All above are free of charge so please feel free to come alone and help us to help the Scottish Government reach their target of reaching ten per cent of all journeys being carried out my non-motorised means by the year 2020.

East Lothian is a cycling haven so come along and be part of something great on your doorstep!

Summer Rugby Club 2017

Come and join Haddington Rugby Club at our rugby/ multi sports camp four days of fun from 17th-20th July 2017.

HRFC Summer Camp has now been running since 1999 it is run by volunteers to help raise funds for HRFC youth section.

There will be:

  • Coached activities from 09.30 am – 3.00 pm
  • 2.5 hours of rugby and 2 hours of multi sports
  • Swimming at Aubigny centre / multi sports  (Open only to children who can swim 50 metres)
  • Free rugby summer camp t- shirt
  • Free daily snack & drink
  • Free lunch on Thursday
  • Medal and certificate ceremony
  • Tuck shop (money required)
  • Rugby based activities coached by SRU qualified coaches
  • All coaches PVG checked

Costs: £70.00 for members of HRFC & Gifford Goblins, non-members £80.00

If you are interested please download this form:

HRFC Summer Camp booking form

or contact:

Year of Young People 2018

Want to develop your skills and collaborate with hundreds of other young people all over Scotland to make the Year of Young People 2018 incredible? #YOYP2018 is on the hunt for young people aged 8-26 just like you! Apply now at


Cycle training

Would you like to help train our P5, P6 or P7 pupils in cycling skills? We are dependent on willing parents to deliver our Bikeability courses. Bikeability Scotland is a cycle training scheme designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely on the roads, and encourage them to carry on cycling into adulthood.

There is free training being run across East Lothian for those wanting to get involved and support schools’ Bikeability Scotland programmes.  Please get in touch with Mr Devereux if you would like to become involved. Dates for training include full and half day options on March 10, 17 and 24, April 21 and 28, May 12, 19 and 26, and June 2.   The course can also be delivered at Yester if there are enough participants, or broken in to more suitable sessions.
More information on Bikeability Scotland, the Cycle Training Assistant course and booking can be found: (scqf-accredited-level-5)-

The course timing are:

full day: 0900-1600
am sessions: 0900-1230
pm sessions: 1230-1600

Benmore Day 5

There was so much enthusiasm for dancing at the disco last night that it was extended for a full half hour. The girls were so impressed with the hair dressing skills of Mrs Mercer and Ms Kavanagh, they suggested that they should start up a business. Tired after a full day, everyone went straight to sleep. This morning the children will pack their damp, dirty clothes ready for their parents’ attention! They have all had a brilliant time, but are looking forward to seeing their families again.

Benmore Day 4

It was quite warm today (though the gorge walkers didn’t think so) and it bstopped raining by lunchtime. Louisa wore five pairs of socks for the gorge walk so hopefully her toes were warm. Afterwards when Oliver took off his boot and tipped out about a litre of water, a live frog fell out and hopped through the door into the garden. It must have lived in his boot for about half an hour. Jessica proved that she is a human monkey by doing the overhang on the climbing wall. Rorie and Callum both overcame a fear of heights and abseiled from a cliff. Tonight is the disco so Mrs Mercer and Ms Kavanagh are running a hair salon. Mr Devereux is planning to play pool with the boys while the girls are doing their hair. Lots of excitement to come…

Benmore Day 3

After an exciting treasure hunt last night, we woke to sausages and toast this morning. Groups went orienteering, caving, climbing & abseiling, and on the ropes course. Amy was lowered down a crack into an underground cavern singing Spiderman music. At the end of the day everyone had a favourite moment – Ellen’s was having Arctic roll for tea. We are all being driven mad by owl hooting as Reese has been teaching everyone (including Mrs Mercer) how to do this. The corridors of Benmore resound with hooting. Lots of laughter, lots of fun, lot of new experiences. Too many to mention are all the personal achievements, as the class consistently challenge themselves. Sorry there are no photos yet, but we only have access to a tablet.

I found climbing and abseiling one of the beat activities, says Jemma.

I found caving spooky but fun, says George.

All dorms got nines or tens or ten and a half for dorm inspection but Ms Kavanagh sadly had a very messy room which let us down! says Louisa.

It’s been a really busy few days. I had to fit through a tiny gap in a cave which I didn’t like but I overcame one of my fears- heights, says Alistair.

Benmore Day 2

Food is definitely proving popular with large helpings being eaten at each meal – afternoon tiffin with cake also much anticipated. Groups today went caving (well done to Mrs Mercer for squeezing through the tunnel too), in the forest (where Ms Kavanagh took part in a race through a concrete water pipe), doing a gorge walk and dashing through mud on mountain bikes. Our class has been mingling well with the other schools, sometimes choosing to sit at other schools’ tables. It did rain a lot today, but we would all have got very muddy and wet anyway. Many thanks to folk leaving comments which we will pass on. We will try to get some photos on soon. It was a bit dark and wet for photos today and Mr Devereux thinks his camera has died in the rain. Oh dear.

I had lots of fun doing caving and crawling through small gaps, says Jemma.

I had lot of fun gorge walking, says Amy.

I had fun mountain biking because I splashed through lots of puddles, says George.

I have enjoyed all of the time activities. I have also enjoyed spending time with my friends. PS Hi Mum, says Alastair.

Benmore – P7

Hey! We’ve all arrived safely after a smooth journey with lovely views of the Arrocher Alps covered in snow. Everyone has enjoyed exploring as well as fish and chips for tea. We are about to head out on the night walk. More tomorrow when there’s more time. All very happy and excited.