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Can you help with bike training?

Every year our P5 children take part in a fun scheme called Ready, Steady, Bike.  Our P6 pupils take part in Scottish Cycle Training Scheme or SCTS (similar to what was called “Cycling Proficiency” back in the days when we were at school!).  Both of these rely on parents to help run the schemes.  At the moment we have only one parent trained for each programme, but lots of eager children.  We would welcome people who would like to do the training and help out P5 or P6 this year.

The SCTS training is on Mon 4th April 2011, 4pm-6pm, at Ormiston Primary.  The Ready Steady Bike training is Tues 5th April 2011, 4pm-6pm, at St Martins Primary in Tranent.   Please get in touch with the school if you would like to take part.  It may be next year, but I’m more than happy to sign folk up now!

Mr Devereux

Protect your child on the internet

The internet is a great resource, but also has its dangers.  The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is a govenment organisation committed to making the internet safer for children.  Here you can download a letter from CEOP for all parents offering advice, resources and contact details.  Both Yester and Knox Academy make use of CEOP’s ThinkUknow materials for educating children about possible internet dangers. Back_to_School_Parent_Letter

Calling all businesses

Over the last few years we have been very successful in teaching enterprise.  Both the school and some of its staff have won awards for enterprise developments.  A large part of this is down to our  business partners who have generously contributed to helping our pupils.  This has included giving advice to pupils, providing workplace visits, supplying materials and know-how and supporting enterprise projects with professional expertise in the classroom.  We now have nine partners, our latest being the Chocolate Tree in Haddington.  But we’d love to have more.  If you own or work for a business (large or small) and think that your company might have something to offer, please get in touch.  The relationship is not just one-way and I would be happy to explain the mutual benefits.  You can get a flavour of enterprise and the role of our partners by visiting the Enterprise Section of our site.

Please ring the school office or email if you would like to join us.

Mr Devereux

Old mobiles urgently needed

Have you got any unwanted mobile phones at home?  There is a brilliant opportunity for us to get some new ICT equipment for our school.  If we can collect 250 old mobiles the company which manufactured our interactive whiteboards will give us 33 handsets which work with the boards.  They can be used to send answers to questions, fire sentences onto the board, select multiple choice answers and vote.  The kit usually sells for £1900, so getting it free is quite a saving!

We are teaming up with St Mary’s Primary in Haddington to have a realistic chance of achieving the target.  We will then share the set of handsets with them (e.g. a month’s use in each school).

The icing on the cake is that if we can do this, the manufacturer will also give £500 to the NSPCC.  This will be used to support Childline and the NSPCC’s own helpline.  As the number of calls to Childline is so high, the charity is no longer able to cope and this money will be put straight towards alleviating the problem.

Please ask friends and relatives.  It’s amazing how many mobiles are lying around in drawers.  If you have teenagers, there are probably stacks of old mobiles somewhere in the bedroom!

Mr Devereux

June 2010 Newsletter

 Summer library activities.

Haddington – AA Flyer1


The P7 activity afternoon and barbecue planned for Wednesday 23rd June has been postponed until next week due to the absence of Mr Devereux.



Sports Day has been cancelled on Thursday 10th June and is rescheduled for Thursday 24th June. If you have ordered  an adult lunch this will be carried forward to the 24th.

June 2010 newsletter

 Here is a copy of the new menu.

PS Menu 10111 


We have been taking part in a whole lot of sports over the last few weeks. Here is a snapshot!!


Our Hockey team at the Regional Hockey Finals in Penicuik.      P4 and 5 Rugby Festival at Bleachfield.


On Tuesday 25th May our P7 hockey team travelled to Penicuik for the Scottish Schools Regional Hockey Championship.  Our team played very well and came fourth in the competition.  Well done, team!

This term P4 and 5 have been learning how to play  touch rugby. Our teacher is called Fergus and he comes from South Africa. To start with we played Sharks  and Fishes and then we moved on to tag rugby. This week we played in a Festival with all our P4 and 5 pupils.


On Wednesdays our P4 pupils go to Haddington to learn how to swim. Our swimming teacher is called  Mrs Anderson and she sometimes puts  things in the water with numbers on them. We have to get as many as we can and add up our scores. The person with the highest number is  the winner.

I really like swimming. It is a lot of fun.




 Shell  Science workshop

On Wednesday 26th May P3 pupils had a visit from Pat who works for Shell Education . We were making a band roller. To start with we looked at a wind up clock motor and then we looked at a few power storing toys. We were given 2 discs, 4 pieces of wood, an elastic  band or two, a bead, a washer and two different  lengths of rod. Angus D was the  first one to find out how it worked. You could use it as a helicopter,car, carousel  and Finlay H made it go in the motion of a hula hoop.