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Christmas news

Just a wee reminder that you are all welcome to the Christmas assembly which will take place in the school on Wednesday 21st December at 2pm.  If you haven’t been to a carol service, here’s your chance to sing some Christmas songs.  Term ends on Thursday and the children return to school on Tuesday 10th January.  We hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

Sorry about the cheesy colour theme, but I couldn’t resist it.

Mr Devereux

Blogs on the go!

Some of our class blogs are already up and running only 2 days after being created.  Please visit P2/3, P4/5 or P7.  P1 has been running since the start of term, but the content has now moved to the archive section along with last year’s posts.  If you’ve already marked it as a favourite, you should be able to navigate there okay.  It will just take a few tweaks for P1 to transfer to the new one.  The support for learning blog has continued all term.

Please note that the P3/4 blog is incorrectly named!  I’ll get on to this.  Look for Miss McNicoll’s name rather than the class name and you’ll find it.

The Webmaster

Class Assembly

When our Finnish visitors were here, P5/6 hosted the Monday morning assembly, welcoming them to the school, and telling them some things about Gifford, East Lothian and Scotland, in a light-heated way.

After our presentations, some of the Finnish pupils then presented information about their village, Kuvansi, the local town, Varkaus, and some information about Finnish wildlife.

I promised to video the event, which I did, and now I have completed the main video I have been putting together for the Finns from their visit, I have had time to edit footage of the assembly itself and upload it here.

If you wish to see the video of the Finnish pupils’ visit, along with bits of the assembly (which includes all the words to the Inventors song!) then please have a look at the blog which is here.

Garden Glut Coffee Morning

Please join us for our Garden Glut Coffee Morning on Friday 14th October from 10:00 to 11:30. The children in our school “Charities Group” have decided to try and raise money to help starving and diseased people in Africa.

The children would like to ask for donations in return for teas, coffees and home baking. They are also hoping to sell any garden produce, so if you have any spare fruits, vegetables, jams or chutneys they would be very grateful if you could send them into school nearer the time to sell. They would also like some home baking to go with the teas and coffees.

If you are ina any way able to help, the Charities Group would be very grateful! Please pop in to see us on the 14th if you can!

Website up and running…at last

You may have wondered why our website has gone so quiet.  Sadly, earlier this term, the entire East Lothian education network was attacked by a virus and all the schools’ websites had to be shut down for weeks while specialists worked to repair the damage.  Our site is up and running again, and we have updated most of the written content to reflect the start of a new year.

The class blogs are still last year’s.  Because of the delays caused by the viral attack, we are still in the queue for having new blogs for this year’s classes set up.  Last year’s will eventually be archived for those of you who want to look back at them.  Mrs Jamieson has simply added new material to last year’s blog, so hers is still current, even though it is called Primary 1 rather than Primary 1/2.  We will let you know when the new blogs are running.  Hopefully very soon!  In the meantime we hope you find the website informative.  Please let us know if you think we could make any improvemements.

The Webmaster