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Ourdoor adventures over the summer

Venturing Out is contracted by East Lothian Council’s Outdoor Learning Service to deliver Summer provision activities during the holiday period. As the Outdoor Learning programme covers only 5 of the 7 Summer holiday weeks, Venturing Out is offering activities for the other two weeks of Summer holidays.

Activities are aimed at ages 8 to 10 and 10 to 14yrs and include Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Bush Craft, Burn Scrambling & Trail Cycling

The attached file also includes other dates such as In Service days and activities for adults and families.

Venturing Out Outdoor Activities Programme

School meals update

In order to provide greater variety and choice, the schools catering service is introducing seasonal summer and winter menus.  The new two-week summer lunch menu will start at Yester on Monday 6th June.  The cost for this lunch will be £1.90 as from August.

The summer menu consists of a choice of two hot main meal options (one of which is vegetarian), a filled backed potato, a plated salad and a choice of dessert.  Free bread, salad and a cold drink ar available with the meal.  The new menu meets all of the Scottish Government’s nutrtional standards.

You will shortly receive a leaflet explaining the new menu.  If you would like to have a look at it before this, it has been posted on East Lothian Council’s website:


One of our business partners, the Chippendale School of Furniture is shortly to host their annual exhibition and sale of students’ work.  It will take place over two days, Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th June from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Wine and strawberries will be available.

Charity Walk

Yester parents, Cameron McVean and Andrew Goddard, have a long walk in front of them.  They both taking part in this year’s Moonwalk.  All the money they raise through sponsorship will support charities which help breast cancer projects.  Can you help them out?  You don’t need to do the walk, but a few clicks of the mouse will increase the money they can raise.  Checkout:

“Is this a dagger?”

On Friday 13th May as part of the Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival, Wee stories “Is this a dagger?” by Andy Cannon was presented in Yester Primary. It was a fabulous production and very much enjoyed by old and young.

On Friday 13th May I saw “Is this a dagger?” along with a lot of other people. It was held in our  school hall. The actor was Andy Cannon doing a fantastic story of Macbeth. It was slightly creepy but he had the talent to make it funny as well. He had lots of props to help him tell the story. The sound effects and music were also brilliantly done. I would highly recommend it to all ages!


On Friday 13th May, Andy Cannon put on a show called “Is this a dagger?It was about a king of “an awfie lot of Scotland “called Duncan. Macbeth killed him during the night because the witches said he would be  king and he liked the idea.


Help needed on Tuesday

You may already have read the latest newsletter, but in case you haven’t I’m going to paste in part of my article on Accelerated Reader.  Last time we had a work party in the library we had a great time and achieved a lot.  Unfortunately only one parent has volunteered so far for this Tuesday.  Is anyone else able to help?

On Tuesday 3rd May we are putting together another library work team. Last time, at the beginning of February, a team of enthusiastic volunteers put labels with the correct Accelerated Reader numbers on all the fiction books in our school library. Our pupils have found this really helpful in choosing books at the right reading level. Now we want to do the same with the books in the class libraries. Then all the fiction in the school will have an AR number (or a white label if one isn’t available). Could you spare some time? The project won’t be as major as last time and will probably be finished in the morning. You don’t need to be a trained librarian – it’s all very easy. And once again, a tasty free lunch will be provided!

Please email the school or leave a message on the answer phone if you can come along, even if it’s just for half and hour.  Thanks,

Mr Devereux

Road works

Next week resurfacing will be taking place on Walden Terrace and parking restrictions will be in place.  Large vehicles, including HGVs will be using the road.  This should not affect parents delivering pupils by car if they are following the school’s Travel Plan; this asks drivers not to travel up Walden Terrace to drop off or collect children.

The pavements will not be affected and the workmen will not be starting until 9 am to avoid children walking past moving plant.  You may, however, wish to review the route your child travels to school, and nursery parents may find lunchtime a bit difficult if they try to drive up Walden Terrace.