Final visit of library van

On Tuesday afternoon the library van will be making its final call of the year to Yester.  There are many children who have books signed out.  Please could you check to see if you child has a book on loan from the van and, if so, give a reminder to return it..  Thanks.

Network problems

Because of a health and safety issue with our school network, we have been instructed to close it down.  Until the problem is fixed we will have no access to emails, the website, internet or the school printer.  Please bear with us.  Staff will be able to use email and website from home, but not while at work.  It’s been one thing after another in the last few weeks!

Please don’t try to contact us by email until we announce that the problem is sorted.  Thanks for your understanding.

School re-opening

Good news!  We have received some heating fuel and the engineer has just managed to re-boot the system.  School will re-open tomorrow.  We weren’t allowed a full tank, but at least we’ve got enough for the moment.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Use of website

We are very pleased with the growth of our website and the increased interaction between home and school.  Although it is a great means of communication, our ultimate aim is to use it as an educational tool to help the pupils learn how to use the internet effectively and responsibly.  We encourage the children to write exciting content and to post positive comments.  Comments of a very negative nature posted permanently in this public domain are not encouraging to the pupils and can sometimes give a misleading view of our school to visitors.  If you have a complaint to make, we would prefer if you did this through the usual channels.  These include writing a letter, sending an email, telephoning, or speaking to your class rep.

All comments pass through a moderation process to ensure that nothing inappropriate appears and that we know the source of all material.  This is primarily to protect the children; but we will remove any comments which are, for example, directly critical of individual members of school staff as the public nature of a website is not the correct platform for complaints of this nature.

We have received a number of communications from parents who are understandably anxious about why the school has had to close.  We have also been asked why we didn’t just ask the children to dress warmly.  Let me explain.

The school carefully monitors the heating fuel and orders it weeks before it is likely to run out.  Our fuel is supplied from Grangemouth but stocks here have been exhausted as a result of the extreme weather.  We have been waiting a long time for a delivery.  The suppliers are prioritising their customers so that hospitals and emergency services receive deliveries prior to primary schools.  We tried to obtain gas-fired heating from the Council, but because of the present crisis, all the Council’s gas bottles have been exhausted.

The children cannot come to school dressed warmly and just carry on.  Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), it is illegal for us to teach the children in rooms with a temperature below 16 degrees C.

With Christmas events to rehearse our staff are very disappointed that we have had to close the school.  We are also sorry for the inconvenience it has caused parents.  However, on this occasion, there has been no other option.

We hope to be up and running again as soon as we can.

Frequency of Feedbitz Updates

A number of parents have commented that the Feedbitz updates have been coming to them too late to be of use.  We have been in touch with one of the Council’s IT specialists who has managed to change the settings.  This means that the software will ‘sweep’ the Latest News page and send out an email for any new posts every half and hour.  This should mean that urgent announcements like school closures will get to you far quicker.  Hopefully this post will be the first one to be delivered to you by Feedbitz’s ‘Express’ option!

Urgent Announcement

Due to a shortage of fuel, the school will be CLOSED tomorrow, Tuesday 14th December.  We are awaiting a delivery but the suppliers cannot guarantee it tomorrow.  The P1-3 Gruffalo trip WILL go ahead as planned.  However these children will need to be picked up on their return at 12.30.  There is no provision for Nursery and P4-7 children.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Weather update Monday 6th @ 6.20 pm

We plan to open school again tomorrow, Tuesday 7th December.  Thanks for your patience today.  It was a long, hard afternoon for everyone!

East Lothian Council advises that school transport will operate where possible. Pupils should wait no longer than 15 minutes for their bus or taxi to arrive. If it does not turn up, they should head back home.

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