Speeding drivers

Residents in Gifford have noticed that the good work done by the temporary speed restrictions on the B6355 and Duns Road has now been undone and vehicle speeds through Gifford are on the increase.  The worst problems are caused by ttraffic coming down the road from the golf course, over the bridge and up the hill into the Main Street and Village Square. This presents safety issues for the children travelling on bike and foot from roads such as Station Road and Tweeddale Avenue.

Residents have said that the fastest drivers appear to be parents dropping off children near the school.  We encourage children to be prompt at the start of the day, but we expect that parents who are running don’t try to compensate for this by driving too fast.  We all need to remember that the speed limit is a maximum, not the recommended speed for the conditions on the road at any one time.

Mr Devereux

Bus issues

If any you have complains or concerns about the service operated by the bus company, please contact Don Prentice.  However, the Parent Council is interested to know what these issues are and would be grateful if you could get in touch.  Please try to be as detailed and specific as you can, if possible giving details of date, time and location.

You can contact the Parent Council through yesterparentcouncil@hotmail.co.uk

Update on school ties

We have found a company which can produce the school tie, the cost of which would be £3.75 per tie. The minimum order is 36. So far I have received requests for 14 ties from parents/children, but this would not be enough to justify an order for 36 as it would leave us with around £80 of unsold ties. If you want a school tie for your child, but haven’t got in touch, please let me know quickly and I’ll see if any increase in demand is enough to justify an order. If the order remains at 14, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to proceed.

There are quite a number of children who bought a tie who haven’t worn it yet, but perhaps we are in for some surprises when the photographer comes on Friday!

Mr Devereux

Badminton by Finlay and Corrie

On the 5th of November the primary 4’s went on a badminton taster session. And they were learning how to do the first step of badminton. Their good bus driver, Archie, was happy to drive them there. They were delighted to find out they were going to a competition. And that they’re going to watch Scottish champions play a match. They went round stations and did lots of different fun games. Here is a list of the activities.

 Learning how to hit the shuttlecock up in the air and also through your leg.

 Hitting the shuttlecock into a hoop and get higher scores the further away hoop you hit it.

 Obstacle course

 Throwing a shuttlecock into a basket.

 Someone will hit it to you, you will try and hit it back to the coach with the racket.

Thank you for reading this.

By Finlay and Corrie (P4/5)

A Right Blether

A Right Blether is an exciting national consultation to make sure children and young people’s opinions about what is needed to improve and safeguard the quality of their lives are heard and acted upon by the people who make important decisions.

It’s being led by Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People. It is his job to ensure all children and young people in Scotland have their rights respected.

Throughout 2010, he’ll hear from, meet and have a ‘blether’ with thousands of Scotland’s children and young people – to help influence his work over the next four years.

Several of our pupils attended a conference in Campie Primary and on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th November these pupils are organising a voting centre for our P4-7 pupils asking their views on home, school, community and Scotland. This is a great opportunity for our pupils to express their views and participate in a national consultation.

Quiz Night

The Parent Council invites you to a quiz night this Friday, 12th November.  It’s an event just for parents so BYOB.  You need teams of four, and it’s £10 to enter a team.  There will also be a raffle.  Well known quiz maestro, The Gary McGregor, will be presiding so it’s not an event to miss.

Dyslexia awareness meeting

Just to remind you there is a ‘Dyslexia awareness’ meeting for parents and carers planned on Thursday 4th November from 7-8.15pm in the Support for Learning Base.  We’re lucky enough to have Hilery Williams from the Dyslexia Support Service in East Lothian joining us for the evening.

If you haven’t already done so please drop us a note/e-mail at school to let us know you are coming .

Thank you

Mrs. Cusack

JRSO assembly

Well done to our JRSOs for organising a fantastic assembly!  Iola showed a great PowerPoint presentation she had produced and Irwin had made a terrific wee yellow car.  They told us about Walk to School Week, launched a new competition and organised some drama with some friends to help everyone understand more about road safety.  There was music, singing and even a quiz about safety when travelling in cars.   Everyone who answered a question correctly was given a JRSO pen.  This week they will be visiting the nursery to share ideas on being safe on the road with our youngest children.

This amazing car really rolled along on hidden wheels.
The drama team showed us what might happen if you cross the road while talking on a mobile.

P7 parents open evening

Knox Academy is hosting an open evening for parents of pupils presently in P7.  Pupils are welcome to attend too.  The evening starts at 6pm and will involve a presentation and demonstration of activities around the school.  Refreshments will be available at 7.15 in the main hall.  Pupils in P7 will be given a letter with further details to take home today.

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