Who’s who?

Members of the Council 2017-2018

Chair Nicola Davidson nic.davidson@yahoo.co.uk

Vice-Chair Arabella Harvey arabella.harvey@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer Dave Ramsay daver@wellyboot.net

Clerk Charlotte Forder parentcouncil@yester.elcschool.org.uk

Knox Liaison Anne Hunter anne.hunter.home@gmail.com

Fundraising Coordinator Vacant

Staff Rep Vacant

Community Rep Vacant

Nursery AM Jenna Kerr jennakerr30@gmail.com

Nursery PM Vicky Ingle vickyingle@hotmail.co.uk

Primary 1 Natasha Amos tashcoupe@hotmail.com

Primary 2 Marnie Fraser marnie.a.fraser@gmail.com

Primary 3 Sarah Gold asgold@btinternet.com

Primary 4 Vix Turner vixjturner@hotmail.com

Primary 5 Jane Calder janeliston18@hotmail.com

Primary 6 Gordon Crawford gordonrcrawford@btinternet.com

Primary 7 Kelly Burns kezzaburns@yahoo.co.uk | Jamie Kelman jamiekelman@hotmail.com

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