Road safety

We should all be concerned about road safety. And we have good reason to be. An average of five children each week are  injured or killed by vehicles in Scotland.  In August 2010 a primary school child in East Lothian was tragically killed near his school.  At Yester we want to do our best to reduce the risk of accidents involving children and vehicles. Along with other schools, we educate children in road safety.  Our P5 – P7 pupils take part in Bikeability training. We also participate in Walk to School Week twice a year and we appoint Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs). One year our P1 class took part in a project about road safety and the JRSOs took them outside with their teacher to help show them how to cross roads safely.  But this is just the start.  There is always more we can all do.

Before deciding what we needed to do to make the pupils’ travel to school safer, we consulted with many different groups. We have discussed our concerns with the Parent Council which sent out a questionnaire to all parents to find out their views on travel to school. We also met with the Police, East Lothian Council’s School Travel Co-ordinator and an officer from the Council’s Transport Division. All of these groups support what we are doing. 

We have made plans to help parents in getting their children to school in the safest manner. The travel plan gives full details of the steps we are taking and explains the reason for each decision. Copies of the travel plan are available from the school office as well as being displayed in this section of our website.

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