May 182017

This week, the club took their first foray into looking at Micro:bit. Before we go on next week to look at how to program individual Micro:bits, we looked at the Micro:bit website, and began to create little programs on screen.
Have a look at what one pupil, Jonathon in P5, thought of Micro:bit 🙂

May 142017

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze among children at the moment. P4 pupil Ronnie used a laptop in Golden Time last week to have a go at creating his own Fidget Spinners using Scratch.
This is what he rustled up after about 10 minutes! Firstly, he used the program to draw his own version of a Fidget Spinner, then he replicated it 4 times and used some code to make them spin after he added 4 characters to “hold” them.
Great job Ronnie!

Apr 232017

For the past two or three years, Mrs McKerron and Mr Purves have developed an interest in teaching coding to their classes here in Yester.
Over the course of the summer term, 2016 – 2017, we plan to highlight the work done by coders in our lunch club.