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April/May Newsletter

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As you have come to expect the Green Team have been very busy as usual. We have had several litter picks, been chasing up on our current actions plans and deciding how we are going to achieve the outstanding things on our to do list!

Fruit and Vegetable Garden

You will have noticed that our to handy janitors, Alan and James, have been very busy constructing our raised beds for – A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! We are now awaiting the arrival of our soil and compost so that we can start planting our vegetables. Thank you for all your ideas in the suggestions box we are in the process of sorting through them in order to organise the seeds we will need. The fruit trees are blosoming nicely and leaves beginning to come out, so please treat them with care. Shortly we hope to fence of the area that is our fruit and vegetable garden so that we can train raspberry and blackberry bushes on it. We can’t wait to try all this fruit and veg, yum!!

The Wildlife Garden

The wetland area has had a tidy and is looking much better! The reeds and other bog loving plants are beginning to come through again. The cowslips that we planted in the grassland area are all flowering well, so stick to the paths if you can so you don’t squash their growth. This term we also plan to add a little fairy magic to the wooded end of the wildlife garden so keep your eyes pealed! Only one negative to report with the wildlife garden – LITTER! When in the garden last week we found several snack wrappers, PLEASE, PLEASE take your litter to a bin. Remember the Eco code that Evie and Cara rapped about last year? Thank You!

Green Flag

Yes Mrs Thomas has finally got the paper work completed and sent off! We have our inspection on the 13th June 2012. The Green Team are really excited and are looking forward to showing off all their hard work. Please help us to get our green flag by thinking green and using the bins provided for your litter. They will fail us if there is litter on the ground or inside the buildings. The litter monitors will be on your case so lets make it an easy job for them by putting our snack wrappers, milk straw wrappers and milk cartons in the bin. I wonder who will win Wilt the Gnome this month? Although I have to say so far he’s looking very at home in P1/2, they’ve even made him a bed!


As usual the Groundforce team and it’s helpful parents have been hard at work tidying up the gardens and as you’ll see the grounds are looking much neater. Conal, Isaac and Conal’s mum have been busying weaving the willow structure back into shape – well done guys, it’s really taking shape! The team are also very excited about the imminent arrival of the soil for our raised beds…..Don’t forget you shovels and wellies on Thursday!


We also updated the school at the end of April on all our work so far this year at our assembly. We made a great PowerPoint for you all which I will try and get onto this page for you. Guy’s you did a great job especially with all the technical hitches! Thank you to the parents that came to support too.

Mrs Thomas and The Green Team



   Jen Jamieson

May 11, 2012 @ 8:02 pm   

The other classes will have to work very hard to win Wilt the Gnome back! P1/2 have organised Litter Kings and Queens to check out their classroom and cloakroom for signs of litter. Every day this week, our class has earned pink faces……..:)

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