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October 2013 News

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Firstly let me introduce my new Green Team!

In a  change from previous years I have reps from all the school year groups and hope to have reps from the nursery very soon.  The upper school reps are:

Chair and secretary: Marta P7

Publisher: Annie P6

Infant Link  Officer: Joseph P4

Communications Officer:  Harry  P7

Litter and Recycling Officers:  Rory P5 and Rachel P6

Energy Officer: Tom P6

Water Officers: Eliza P6  and Harry P7

School Grounds  and Biodiversity Officers: Eliza P6 and Jack P4

The children had to fill in a job application form stating why they were  applying for the post they were and why they were the perfect candidate for the  job. Posts were then allocated according to  the applications. Second job posts   were agreed by all members of the upper school team and allowed children who had not got their first  choice to help out the person who had got the job.

The lower school reps are as follows:

Primary 3  – Evie and Rudie

Primary 2 – Toby and Ava

Primary 1 – Sebastian and Molly M

Now all though these children do  not have specific job remits their jobs  are just as important as they  will need to feed back to their classes what the upper school reps have been doing, pass their classes thoughts and ideas to the upper school reps, attend a  termly meeting and take part in lots of the fun activities  we do. There will be plenty of time for  specific job remits  as they move through the school!

So what have we been doing?

Well we held a very successful assembly in September when we shared with the school who the team  was, what our  aims were  and the  story of  poor Polly Bag  who  hadn’t been looked after at all well.

In  September we also held Planet Picnic which was great fun even the wasps enjoyed it! Debbie organised a special  menu for us, the  sun  shone and lots of parents managed to  come  in and have lunch with us. Thank you  to everyone but an especially big thank you  to Debbie and  her team in the kitchen as well  as Alan who had  to move all the lunch tables outside! Not only did we have lunch but we also  encouraged everyone to take  part in  some gardening. As you know the Green Team have been responsible for keeping on top of our rather large patch  which is no mean feet. This year we have encouraged all the classes to get involved  and handed over a part of the school grounds to each class to look after. Well done  to  all those classes that went out to garden, I also spied a few parents helping too which was  fabulous.

Rag bag week also took place in September but unfortunately wasn’t as successful as it normally is. Maybe we did not published  it as much as we normally do, maybe it was too close to the start of term, maybe we  have cleaned you out of all  your old clothes! If you have any thoughts as to why please let one of the team know.

So what next I hear you ask?

  • We  will  be getting  down to the nitty gritty of what we need to do to keep our Green Flag as reassessment will happen in June.
  • Make  sure we  have put together  our action plans for the year ahead
  • Litter picks  will recommence
  • We will make some decisions about what we will recycle this year.
  • Get a date in the diary for Eco-week
  • We will need to  do  some  work in the vegetable plot

As ever we  will keep you posted!


And finally…..

Thank you to the  2 parents who have volunteered to help with  the gardening! Please if there is anyone else out there who feels they can offer any of their precious time let us know.

Mrs Thomas

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