Summer Term Update

We are now a few weeks into the summer term and it seems to flying by so quickly.  Below is an outline of what we will be learning in P3/4 this term.  I am pleased to be back and have really enjoyed the first few weeks of this term.  I am lucky to have a fantastic and very enthusiastic class who love learning!

Learning in our classroom will be based around two topics this term, PLANTS and CASTLES.  You can help your child at home by encouraging them to research suitable books or the internet and to bring relevant articles to school.

Numeracy and Maths:  As a class we will spend 15 minutes daily on mental maths.  As you will know we are focussing on learning and practising our times tables in class and at home.  We are trying hard to turn our times table enemies into our friends.  We have had lots of successes already!  This term we will also be working on division and fractions, as well as number patterns and equations.

Literacy and English:  Our writing lessons will often be linked to our two topics this term.  Our main focus will be on newspaper articles, poetry and report writing.  We will continue to learn new joins in handwriting and work hard on our punctuation and grammar skills to help improve our writing.

Reading: Children will be heard in their reading group at least once a week.  Your child will now know what day their reading will be heard.  Please help your child at home by listening to them read, discussing the text with them and helping them with any activities they are asked to complete as part of their reading homework.  Try to encourage your child to space out their reading homework and not leave it until the night before it is due.  Please sign your child’s homework diary when reading homework is completed.  Whole class reading lessons will also take place weekly.

Homework: In addition to weekly reading and times table homework, maths and topic homework will be issued when relevant.  New spelling words and a spelling activity will also be issued weekly.  Again, please sign your child’s homework jotter or worksheet when homework is completed.

Gym: Our gym days are Monday (with Miss Allan) and Thursday (with Mrs Jones).  With the weather being a little nicer this term we will be taking the children outside for gym.  Please supply an outdoor kit.  Girls must have their hair tied back or secured with hair clips.  Pierced earrings which cannot be removed must be covered, please supply your child with a roll of micropore tape if required.

Music: Miss Traill will take the class for music on Wednesdays.

Water bottles: Please provide your child with a water bottle to ensure they are well hydrated.  Bottles will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed.

If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Miss Allan

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Primary 3/4

Hello, thank you to everyone who came to watch P3/4’s “Creation” assembly. The children worked really hard to come up with ideas for how to present the assembly so we hope you enjoyed it. For those who couldn’t make it here is some information about what we did and what it looked like.

P3/4 were very keen to put on a play. They developed some brilliant movements and music to show how Christians believe God created the earth.

A great introduction Superb sound effects!

God creates plants.


Superb sound effects.



God looks over his creation

Having a rest on the seventh day.

The children also created some poetry to explain how they would improve and look after the world.

Changing the world in seven days.

What we can do to help.

The assembly was wrapped up with an edited version of “He’s got the whole world in his hands” accompanied by some actions devised by P3/4.

"He's got the whole world in his hands."

Last week p3/4 concluded their materials project by testing the bird feeders they had made at home. The children were asked to design a bird feeder which would be strong, weatherproof, allow birds to remove food easily and could be raised off the ground to discourage predators. To do this they needed to consider which materials they would use,  depending upon their properties. Here are some pictures of the fantastic and varied design they came up with.




hanging them up


Putting out the food.

Different designs

different designs

different designsDifferent designsDifferent designs

 At the end of the week we checked our bird feeders. Most had had visitors!


The worms were very popular.

Hello everyone I hope you had a great Christmas and have had a fantastic start to 2011. This week P3/4 began work on their new topic of materials. We worked with different materials to investigate some of their properties and recorded our results.


Testing properties

Recording our results

Does plastic float?

This could sometimes be a bit messy!!


Yucky hands!

We look forward to finding out more and will let you know what we discover.

Last updated 24-11-10

Yesterday  we had African drumming with Dougie. I played a drum from New Guinea. I liked looking at the donkey jaw which was used by an African tribe as an instrument.





On Tuesday we didi African drumming with a man called Dougie from Australia. We played the drums to make different environments- we made the beach by scratching the drum lightly and  the waves and sea by stroking the drum. I remember that the two big drums were from Scotland- a conga and a tambour.





It was weird playing on different drums from lots of countires.They sounded different depending on whether they had lids or holes on the bottom. My favourite drum had a wolf skin on the top and was quite quiet. We also danced and sang and learnt some words from New Guinea. It was amazing!



Last updated: 16.09.10 

 Some of may have heard a catchy little class song we have wrote to the tune of ‘The Bare Necessities’ from the Jungle Book.  Miss Allan will hopefully be able to record the song and put it up on the website but until she figures that one out here are the lyrics we came up with together.

We are the primary 3/4s,

The super duper 3/4s,

We are always kind and helpful.

We are always smiling,

We always try our very best,

We respect everyone in our class.

Successful learners,

That’s what we are.

Confident individuals,

Effective contributors,

Responsible citizens.

We are the super duper 3/4s,