Snapshot of Europe winners

The results of the photography based project were announced today, after 27 countries from around Europe voted on their favourite photos in the following categories: People, Places, Nature and Sport.

The really fantastic news is that one of our own pupil’s photos was chosen as the overall winner in the Nature category- and the photo is below, along with our other finalist pictures. Thank you to all the class who submitted photos for the contest- the standards were extremely high this year, so to have an outright winner is an outstanding achievement.
Have a look at our finalist photos here.

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Pencil artwork using perspective and depth.

During the year, we have learned about perspective in artwork. We have created a variety of pictures that have involved trying to show both perspective and depth.

Our most recent pictures involved using pencils only to create a landscape that displayed elements of perspective and depth.

Click on the images above to see a larger version of each!

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Primary 6/7

 Updated 4th May

We are now into the summer term, and it’s going to be a very busy one for the class. Already we have been busy getting ourselves prepared for the annual sports event at Meadowbank, which will take place on Wednesday 1st June in the afternoon. Quite a few of the class will be there competing, and parents are welcome to join us there to cheer us on.  Mrs Jones will shortly announce the team.

As well as that, we will have visits from Knox and Ross High staff, who will be finding out lots about the P7 pupils and their capabilities, in preparation for the visits to High School, which will take place in June. Exact dates will be advised soon.

Over the past week, we have been rehearsing our song for this year’s Schoolovision event. We are singing the Burns song, Killiecrankie, and we recorded it earlier today with Miss Traill’s help. The video will be available to watch on the Schoolovision blog in the next few days.

This year, the voting for Schoolovision will take place on Friday 13th May. 

In addition, your child has been asked to consider taking photographs in the following categories: People, Places, Nature and Sport, as part of our Snapshot of Europe contest, which will come to its end when we vote for the winners on Wednesday 1st June. Any photos that P6/7 take that they wish to submit can be sent to and they will be uploaded from there to the secure eTwinning site created for the project. Please note that photos need to be with me by 18th May, to allow us all to judge them and upload them to the Snapshot of Europe blog in time for the final judging.

As well as all this, we have our regular maths and language work to complete for the year, we will be continuing each wednesday with music, and we’ll also continue with our gym sessions each Tuesday and Thursday.

P7 pupils know that our friends from Finland will be visiting us here in Scotland from Sunday 25th until Thursday 29th September, so we are already planning for this, thinking about how we can create a timetable of events that will prove memorable for the Finnish pupils when they are here. As the Finns’ summer holidays start at the end of May (they have 10 weeks summer holiday!) we also plan to hold another couple of FlashMeeting webcam conferences before then to allow the penpals and friends to continue their friendships.

Updated 23rd March

Some news from last week. On Friday, we had a follow up visit from HMIe Inspector, Peter Gollogly, who came to observe both ICT and International Education in the school. In our inspection report from November, both areas had been highlighted as being of high quality. As well as watching our P7s talking directly to their Finnish penpals via FlashMeeting, Mr Gollogly spent some time listening to P6 pupils Alan, Andrew and Scott, who explained in detail to him their experiences of taking part in our science project,


Good news too, from Hallhill, Dunbar, where earlier today, our cross country team took part in the annual East Lothian Cross Country Championships.

For the 4th year running, Yester Primary won the shield, having beaten all the other schools in the Small Schools Competition! Well done to the team, shown here with the trophy again!



Updated March 2nd 2011

Great news from our cross country running team this afternoon at Pathhead, where they were taking part in the Compass School Invitational Cross Country Event.

We entered a team of boys, and girls, both in the under 11 event. The girls did very well, finishing up in 4th position overall, out of 6 teams. The boys did even better, with the final result seeing them winning overall, coming 1st out of the six teams who entered!

Well done team!

Updated 24th  January

What a fantastic achievement yesterday. Thanks to all who took part.

Please find below the total amount of fundraising and donations so far. Fingers crossed there might be more!



Sponsored cycle                                  £1412.80

Other donations                                  £360.00

Longyester Quarry                             £200.00

Gifford Community Council           £150.00

Coop funeral care                               £100.00

Rugby films via Coop                        £100.00

Table top sale                                       £157.05

Bag packing Asda                              £663.10

Total                                                       £3142.95   










Updated Sunday 23rd January

Earlier today, we were in Asda at Dunbar, bag-packing to raise funds for our trip to Finland.

Thank you very much to all the pupils, and their parents for their fantastic help.
I have now counted the money, and the news is very good…
We have raised a total of £663.10 for the fund 🙂

Once again – thanks again for all your help.


Last updated Thursday 20th January

Collaboration is the name of the game!

We have been doing lots of collaborative pieces of work this term. In the last few days, we have worked in small groups to complete a literacy challenge, where we had to complete a story in 40 minutes in any way we wished, helping and suggesting to each other how we should write and illustrate it.

We’ve also worked collaboratively on making some additional small scale science based chain reactions, which involved using lots of imagination to work out how to use things from within the class to create a special reaction. You can see some of the groups below:

In maths, we have worked on active, collaborative problem solving, by trying to solve some very unusual “magic squares” in pairs!

Today, as part of our French learning, we worked on “collaborative comic creations”, where we used the laptops to create our own online comics…in French! We are working on these not only collaboratively within the class, but also collaboratively with a French class, who are involved in creating comics too… but in English! The results should be very interesting, once all the children have finished working on their own versions!

Last updated Monday 17th January

All P6/7 children have been given poems to learn as part of our Scottish work, that coincides with our Burns Supper next week.

You can see the poems on the following website, and can listen to them, to help with pronunciations, if needed. We have today spent some time listening to these, but it might be good to allow your child to hear them again if they need to. The poems are:

To a Louse

Hairy Tatties

Maw, Whit if he ever gets oot?

Last updated Sunday 16th January.

In anticipation of the P7 trip to Finland next month, I have created a blog specifically for the trip, where information will be posted in the run-up to our departure, and also while we are away. This will allow parents to see what we are doing and hopefully to make comments that the children will be able to read each day. The url is

Last updated Friday 14th January 2011

The European Chain Reaction!

As you know, we have been a part of this excellent project, which includes 15 countries from around Europe. All classes have been preparing their own chain reactions, and you can see the entries on the blog here. Next week, we will view them all, and all the pupils in all 15 countries will decide on their favourites. It will be very interesting to see who wins, as there are some really fantastic and creative entries!

Looking ahead over the next few weeks:

We are now fully back into the swing of things in P6/7 after the disruptions caused by the bad weather in December.  Over the next few weeks, we will be looking to cover the following things:

  • Finish our science based project, The European Chain Reaction.

  • Finish our India project.

  • Work on preparing for the annual Burns Supper, through learning Scottish poems and a bit about Robert Burns himself.

  • Start on a Health and Wellbeing project for P6/7 called Cool in School.

  • Start a separate project for P7s only, called Respect.

  • Start training in preparation for Cross Country events in March.

  • Visit to Finland, for the P7s and visit to Benmore for the P6s.

Can I remind everyone that P.E. kits are needed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mrs Jones will be working on gymnastics with the class in the first part of the term. In addition, we will continue our music sessions with Miss Traill each Wednesday.

The P7 pupils will be needed for their bag-packing session, to take place in Asda, Dunbar, on Sunday 23rd January, from 10.00am – 4.00pm. This is the re-arranged date following the cancellation on Sunday 19th December. Hopefully we will be able to raise quite a bit more money for the trip to Finland.

Last updated Tuesday 11th January 2011

Just a quick reminder to let you know that the class will have their photo taken tomorrow, Wednesday, by Tempest Photography. Can we all be in school uniform please? 🙂

Last updated Thursday 6th January

In the final weeks before Christmas, we spent some time creating our very own “chain reactions”, which linked in with an eTwinning science -based project we have been participating in, along with around 15 other countries from around Europe. All classes were asked by the creator of the project in Belgium to think about how they could make their own chain reactions- and video the best ones in order to upload them to the project blog.
In the last week of term, we decided on our chain reaction, and some of the boys spent time putting it together. You can watch it below. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! We plan now to upload it to the project blog and watch the other videos next week when back in school. It’ll be interesting to see what each country has done!

Last updated Friday 31st December

Aldi sale- parents of P7 children

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holidays. It may be of interest to the parents of P7 children that the Aldi supermarket in Haddington is having a sale of children’s ski wear, which starts on Sunday 2nd January, at 10.00am.

Mrs Edwards has assured me that these sales are worth going to, and that things are sold very quickly on a first come, first served basis. If you aren’t there by 10.00am, many of the things sell very quickly, as they are usually priced very cheaply. I am planning on coming along myself, to see if there are some bargains, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know of this, in case you’d like to grab some very reasonably priced items of clothing for the Finland trip yourselves.

Mr Purves

Updated Sunday 19th December , 9.25am

Bag packing at Asda- postponed 🙁

Mr Purves got up at 5.00am this morning, and was dismayed to see that it was snowing heavily here in Dunbar. This bad weather has continued, and after discussions with Mrs Hilsley, and Asda, it has been decided to postpone today’s bag packing until Sunday 23rd January. The Met Office have issued a severe weather warning for “Very Heavy Snow” in the area for today, which can be seen here.

We are very sorry that this has happened, but as conditions are probably worse in the Gifford area than here, we feel it’s the best thing under the circumstances. Let’s hope that things improve for the rest of this week…

Mr Purves

Updated Friday 17th December
Here are some pictures showing the class working with their buddies from Primary 1 yesterday. We were making crackers that the children used at the Christmas lunch.

Working on the design…

Helping each other is fun

These are beginning to look very colourful!

Let’s help each other!

The finished design looks great!

That’s what I call great team-work!
Updated Monday 13th December:
As you may have read, school will unfortunately be closed again tomorrow, due to the fact that we have no fuel to heat the classes.
However, you can still do some work- as we were due to write letters on Tuesday morning. Please read the following carefully, and have a go at writing on A4 paper, if you have it. Hand in to me on Wednesday morning, assuming we are open again!
Primary 6s
L.I. I can write a letter to Benmore Outdoor Centre, asking for details of activities we might do, while there in March.

  1. Remember to include the school address, which is : Yester Primary School, Walden Terrace, Gifford, East Lothian, EH41 4QP….remember how to set this out, at the right of the page, near the top!
  2. Include the address of Benmore Centre, under the school address, on the left of the page: Benmore Centre
    by Dunoon
    PA23 8QX
  3. Write three paragraphs, starting politely, explaining that you will be staying at the centre in March, then going on to ask if they can send details of the activities that you might be involved in when you stay there.
  4. Finish off with a short summing up paragraph, and sign the letter Yours sincerely… then your name.
Primary 7s:
L.I. I can write a letter to the Finnish Tourist Board in London, asking for brochures about the Varkaus region.




  • Remember to include the school address, which is : Yester Primary School, Walden Terrace, Gifford, East Lothian, EH41 4QP….remember how to set this out, at the right of the page, near the top!
  • Include the address of the Finnish Tourist Board, under the school address, on the left of the page:


      Ms. Riita Balza

      Marketing Manager UK & Ireland

      Finpro Region Europe, UK

      Visit Finland

      177-179 Hammersmith Road

      London W6 8BS

      3. Start politely, saying that you are a pupil at Yester Primary, and that we will be visiting Finland, and the Varkaus area in February. Say that you have never visited before, and are keen to find out as much as possible about the area- so can Ms Balza please send any information brochures she has to you at the school so you can get an idea of what the area is like.

    4. Finish off with a short summing up paragraph, and sign the letter Yours sincerely… then your name.
    Success Criteria for all:
    1. Set out the letter correctly.
    2. Include an introductory paragraph, a main paragraph, including all the details, and a third, concluding paragraph where you sum up everything.
    Good luck- and remember to hand this in on Wednesday to me!
    Mr Purves
     Updated Friday 3rd December 2010
    While school is closed, please feel free to have a look at some of the following websites, where you can find fun games to keep you occupied:
    We have been looking at angles in class, so many of the class have played one or more of the games that you can access from this link. There are lots to try- so have a go!
    There are some fun activities that you can do from this link above.
    Try some research about India- which will link in with the various homeowork activities I gave out before the snow arrived! Have a look at the various pages available here:
    If you fancy checking your spelling abilities, then have a look at this site:
    I would suggest you look at either of the Levels C, D or E and work through them.
    Good luck- and let’s hope we are able to get back to school on Monday 6th!
    Mr Purves
    Last updated Tuesday 16th November
    The school photographer will be here on Friday 19th November!
    At the moment in maths, we are working on angles. The children have been learning a variety of different things. For example, some have been learning about how to describe an angle using three letters. An example of this could be the example shown below.

    Others have been learning all about the angles within different types of triangle, and how they always add up to 180 degrees.  Other activities involve learning how to calculate missing angles and how to recognise alternate angles!
    In gym at the moment we are working through a block of basketball. Here are some photos of our first couple of weeks’ lessons!


    Last updated 16th November 2010
    Money for Finland – update
    B/ fwd                 £1282.80
    16th Nov           £  130.00
    Total to date £ 1412.80
    Last updated 09 November 2010
    Money for Finland- update
    Brought forward          £932.00
    27.10.10                              £137.80
    03.11.10                              £143.00
    09.11.10                               £70.00
    Total at 09.11.10       £1282.80
    Last updated: Wednesday 27th October
    In maths today, we started looking at money. As part of this, we began to write our own money problems, using the whiteboards. We plan to ask each other to solve these problems tomorrow!

    Later in the day, we recalled what we had done during the holidays, then designed and wrote our own postcards from where we had spent our time. Some examples of this work are below.

    Finally, the P7s all received a nice surprise from the Finnish Tourist Board today, when they each were sent a guide to Finland, a pen and a map, courtesy of VisitFinland.
    Here are most of them, looking happy!
    Last updated Friday 15th October
    We have just heard from Asda in Dunbar that they will be able to accommodate the pupils for a bag-packing session on Sunday 19th December! There had been some confusion about the date, but I am really delighted that they have now agreed to this date- the final Sunday before Christmas- which should mean that the supermarket will be packed with shoppers.
    After the October break, we will think about how we are going to arrange this exciting fundraising opportunity, which should give us the chance to raise lots more money to put forward for the trip to Finland in February.
    Money for Finland update.
    Total brought forward       £722
    13.10.10                                          £210
    Total                                               £932
    There’s still some money to come in from our sponsored cycle, but the great news is that, so far, we have raised an incredible £932, which will be put towards reducing the overall total cost that each P7 has to pay towards going to Finland in February.
    This morning, as a special Golden Time activity, the P6/7s worked with their buddies in P1 to create wonderful pictures, using special fabrics and pens. It was interesting to see how well the two classes worked together, and how the children so obviously take the whole idea of having a Buddy so seriously. Have a look at the buddies working together, and the end results, showing their tiling work…
    The end result!
    Last updated Tuesday 12th October
    Sponsored cycle money for Finland
    Carried forward                 £454.00

    07.10.10                         £122.00

    11.10.10                          £146.00

    Total to date:               £722.00

    Well done once again to the cyclists who took part in this event. Those who still have to hand money in- can you try to get it in to the school as soon as possible, so we can establish the overall total. Remember, all the money goes towards reducing the total amount that each child will need to pay for the trip.

    The next event being organised is a bag-packing session in Asda at Dunbar. More details about this will follow once the date is confirmed.

    Last updated Thursday 7th October
    Some hockey news from this week!
    Yesterday, Wednesday, a group from Yester went with Mandy to Meadowmill, where they took part in an East Lothian wide hockey tournament. The great news was that Yester’s team ended up in 2nd place, so well done to them all!
    Today in P.E. the class continued with their hockey work. We had lovely autumn weather which allowed us to continue with the work we have been doing recently.

    Money for Finland 2011
    Carried forward             £163.00
    04-10-10                          £191.00
    05-10-10                          £100.00
    Total to date                     £454.00
    Last updated 5th October 2010
    Last week, we looked at limericks in whole class reading, and then again later in the week. The children wrote their own limericks, some of which you can see and hear if you click the link below.

    Last updated 29th September 2010

    Money collected for Finland 2011
    14-09-10              Sponsor money               £14.00
    27-09-10             Sponsor money               £47.00
    29-09-10              Sponsor money               £42.00
    29-09-10              Sponsor money                £60.00
    Total £163.00
    Last updated Tuesday 28th September
    WWII sound bites!
    Today, we worked in pairs to find out and present some information to the rest of the class about an aspect of World War II that was interesting to each pair.
    As a bit of fun, we then recorded the presentations, some of which you can hear here:
    A round up of WWIIWWII sum up
    Prisoners of war
    The Blitz
    Last updated Saturday 25th September
    Yesterday, the P7s (and one P6!) set off on their sponsored cycle across from Carfraemill, right over the Lammermuir Hills and Lammerlaw, all the way back to Gifford. There were also two walkers, along with their dads. It was like a different world up on the top of the hills, with fantastic views, and it was VERY cold up there!
    We all got safely back to Gifford, where we were met by parents who had gathered with tea, coffee, soft drinks and lots of delicious cakes and snacks!
    Well done to everyone for their great work completing the journey, and to the parent helpers, also to Mrs Riva who organised it all, and to the parents who welcomed everyone back to the park!

    The group, ready to set out, near Carfraemill.

    Heading up to the top of the Lammermuirs!

    It was windy and cold, but the children kept going very enthusiastically!

    Here, we have survived the wind, the rain and the cold, and are on the way back down towards Gifford!

    Last updated Friday 24th September
    Today, Friday 24th September, some of the P7 pupils hope to complete a sponsored cycle from Carfraemill, across the Lammermuir Hills, back to Gifford this afternoon. Looking out the window, it's dry, but there has been a lot of heavy rain over the past 24 hours, so it's going to be a soggy cycle for us! This is to help raise funds for our forthcoming trip to Finland in February 2011, which all the P7 pupils are looking forward to.
    So, P7s- remember to bring your bikes to school today, and come prepared for the trip!
    Last updated Thursday 23rd September
    It has been a busy week, despite the fact that we had the Monday holiday at the start of the week.
    As part of our writing, we looked at how to create information leaflets, as well as having a go at continuing a story based on the novel, "Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh". This particular piece of writing produced some really wonderful stories, and after we wrote them, and read them to the class, I compared them to the original novel. We found that in some cases, the stories produced by the class were more exciting than the version written by the author, Robert O'Brien!
    In maths, we have continued to look at time, with the class working on a mixture of examples, and some learning new formulae connected to speed and distance.

    We also have a very interesting 1980s style compter program that has a very difficult problem to solve- here, some of us are working on it!
    Mrs Jones was absent this week, so in P.E. we worked on our hockey skills, but we weren't able to go outside, as it was very wet today. Instead, we played indoors.

    Fischy Music Company were here last week and we spent some time with them learning a song, which we then performed to the school during the afternoon!
    Updated Thursday 25th August 2010
    Hello everyone and welcome to the P6/7 page for 2010- 2011. Here, you'll be able to follow some of the things we get up to in class, as well as read a bit about what we plan to do each term.
    I'm delighted to report that all the children have settled in very quickly after the summer holidays, and we have already been busy in the first week. One of the first things we tackled in writing was to create our own autobiographies. Some of the class thought they were a bit young to do this, and that there might not be much to write about, but as we discussed things together, it became clear that there were lots of really interesting things that we could write about. We are nearly finished with writing them up, and they will be on display in the corridor outside as well as in the classroom.
    This term, we will be concentrating on looking at World War 11, particularly The Home Front. This is always a very interesting and fun project, that allows the class to learn lots about how people coped during the war, and indeed enlightens pupils as to what life was like generally for people in Britain in the early 1940s.
    Powerpoint making.

    We have already been busy looking at how to make Powerpoint presentations particularly attractive!
    Some dates for your diaries:
    Monday 30th August – P6 water sports session
    Wednesday 8th September – Open Evening
    Monday 20th September – Holiday
    Wednesday 13th October – Parents’ Evening
    Thursday 14th October – Parents’ Evening
    Can I please remind you that pupils need their PE kits every Tuesday and Thursday this term. Mrs Jones will be concentrating on hockey skills with the class.
    Mr Purves 

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