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Updated 11.02.11

I can’t believe we’re at the February break already. 

We have been working really hard and having lots of fun.

Reading and writing our sounds

We chose an activity to do while Mrs. Cusack assessed our sounds individually.  She was really proud of us.

We chose an activity to do while Mrs. Cusack assessed our sounds individually.  We have all made great progress and she is very proud of us.










Putting our proof reading skills to good use on the interactive whiteboard.

Having fun with shaving foam

I can write d properly.





I can write words with 'ie'.


I can write words with 'ue'.

I can write words with 'magic e'.



Happy New Year

Updated 26.01.11

We’ve been working hard and thought you might  like to see what we’ve been up to……


The spelling group found adventure a tricky word to spell so they found lots of different words with’ure’ at the end.



I can tally words with sh.

I can tally words with ue.

I can build words with ue.

Updated 08.12.10

It’s great to be back in school again.  I thought you’d like to see what we have been learning over the last few weeks….


I can write p properly.


I can write words with sh.

I can write words with magic e.

I can write the ue sound.

Great work 🙂
Mrs. Cusack





Updated 02.12.10

I can’t believe quite how much snow we have.  I’m sure you are having lots of fun and not missing school too much 🙂

Feel free to bring in a drawing or photo of anything you make and we can put them up in our room for everyone to see.

If you’re looking for something a bit warmer to do and are lucky enough to have access to the internet (with an adult supervising you) here are a few websites we sometimes use in class.  (choose primary and try literacy activities) (great links from their Maths and Literacy zones)

Why not draw/write something real or made up about SNOW.  We can talk about your work when we next see each other…….hopefully soon 🙂

Have fun,

Mrs. Cusack





Updated 06.10.10

 Dyslexia Awareness evening for parents/carers

We plan to have a Dyslexia awareness meeting in school for parents/carers on Thursday 4th November from 7-8.15pm.  The children will bring home a letter with additional information and a tear off slip today.  It would be lovely to see you there 🙂




Hard at work in our lovely new room




We have been having great fun using our mirror and 'phone' to work on our sounds.

Sometimes we choose to write the words, other times we choose to build them.

Lots of space to play and learn.

Feel free to pop in and see our work next time you are in school.

Mrs. Cusack

Welcome to the new Support for Learning base

We’ve moved along the corridor to what used to be the Allsorts room.  We now have lots more space to learn.  We have our own Interactive whiteboard, reading corner and writing table.

This display in our new room shows work completed in school last session on Dyslexia Awareness.  We will be building on this work this term….

Please feel free to come in for a look next time you are in school.

Mrs. Cusack 🙂





The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 aims to improve outcomes for all children through effective multi-agency working and is part of the vision for Scottish children which states they should be safe, nurtured, active, healthy, achieving, respected, responsible and included.

The Act introduced a new system for identifying and addressing the additional support needs of children and young people who face a barrier to learning and takes a much wider view than in previous legislation. 
Factors which give rise to Additional Support Needs are:

  • the learning environment
  • family circumstances
  • disability or health
  • social and emotional.

It is important to remember that additional support needs may be short or long term and the factors may be wide and varied depending on the individual.


My name is Lesley Cusack and I am the support for Learning teacher at Yester.  It is my job to promote effective learning for all, supporting staff and pupils through:

  • co-operative teaching
  • consultancy
  • staff development and training
  • tutoring and teaching
  • providing specialist resources.

I am in school Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  If there’s anything you’d like to discuss please get in touch through the school office and we can arrange a suitable time to meet. 🙂