An update from the spelling groups on the letter ‘k’


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Both spelling groups have been hard at work investigating the letter k in words (as a follow up to our work on soft c).

We discovered the most common positions for k to be in a word are in the middle or at the end. We found it in these patterns; kn, ki, ke, sk, ck, rk.

It makes a c or k sound and can be silent when followed by an n  (eg. in knee and know).

Reading carefully


Where is the k in that word....beginning, middle or end?


Colourcoding the completed sheet


Reading carefully


Putting our words in the correct list



w or wh?


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Do you ever confuse w and wh when spelling a word?  We have been working on these sounds to help with our spelling.

Remember to say the word very clearly out loud before trying to write it.  You can usually feel the air blowing out if it is a wh word.

Highlighting the wh sounds

Listening carefully to the sounds


Reading out loud very clearly


A handy list of words



P1/2 and P2/3 handwriting fun


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The P1/2 and P2/3 handwriting group have been working on Figure-ground discrimination (the ability to differentiate visually between something in the foreground and something in the background).

Figure-ground discrimination helps us with our handwriting.  It helps us recognise letter forms within words.

This week we used sticky shapes to help us work out which shape was at the front.

Colouring the shape at the front


This one is at the front



February 2012


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We have been playing games to consolidate our sounds and spelling work.

consonant blends track game


spelling my consonant blends on a computer game


I have been practising my ‘d‘ sound.  I can read and write ‘d‘ and ‘D‘.

I love playing dominoes 🙂

with a ddddddddd


a close game of dominoes


The P4/5 and P5/6 spelling group have been investigating where the letter k is usually found in a word.  They were given a text to highlight all of the k sounds.  They will let you know what they found out next week.

the text


looking for the ks


lots to find


hard work 🙂