The Rockpool Rap Monday 30th April


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We went into the nursery today and read them The Rockpool Rap.
The book has lots of rhyming words in it. 
Clive and alive, far and rockstar, job and bob, fool and pool.   
We enjoyed reading in the nursery and hope they enjoyed it too.
Reading the Rockpool Rap

Visual closure in handwriting group


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Visual closure is the ability to identify an object even though its outline has been fragmented.  The parts come together to enable the whole to be seen.  This helps children in understanding that each letter, although representative on its own, has meaning when placed together with others to form a word.

The P1/2 and P2/3 Handwriting group had great fun with this activity this week.  Yes, it is just like dot-to-dot 🙂


We told our talking partners which shape we thought they had done the best job of.  We were looking for smooth lines to complete the shape.

I think that's your best one.


That one has nice smooth lines.Well done.



P4/5 and P5/6 finish their work on ‘soft g’


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If a g is followed by i e or y it is usually soft.For eg,Egypt gent and ginger.

There are exceptions for eg,girl getting and get.

Marta, Joseph, Lewis, Rachael and Emma