Fine Motor Skills


Posted by sthomas | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-01-2014

Fine motor skills are really important to us in everyday life. From doing up buttons and shoe laces to writing a shopping list or typing a blog, we couldn’t manage without them. Some children find them easier to master than others so we do lots of things to help us practise. We use theraputty (a bit like a hard playdough but with a plastic feel) to strengthen our fingers and grasp, we practise skills such as using scissors and doing up buttons, we use a variety of grips to help us hold our pencils correctly, we practise letter formations, joining dots for hand eye co-ordination, we practise drawing shapes and patterns to improve our fluency of movement.

Today the Primary 4 group were practising fluency of movement using different patterns. We practised some of this using the wall so that our hand was in the correct position and it was easier to get the pencil grip correct.

Fine Motor Skills Practise 002 Fine Motor Skills Practise 003 Fine Motor Skills Practise 004 Fine Motor Skills Practise 006