ABC Creative Music African Drumming

ABC Creative Music, involves whole classes in musical learning, with a range of options including live classroom based African Drumming and Dancing, literacy and Numeracy through music using Body Percussion, or Tin-Can Percussion. These can be delivered online or face to face.

Option 1: African Drum & Dance Experience – this programme has run successfully in ELC since 2016 using a mixed classroom teacher/ABC specialist face to face delivery mode. – for more information click here.

Option 2: Body Percussion & Numeracy for P4-7 – this is a new programme launched in 2020 in response to COVID. More information here.

Option 3: Body Percussion & Numeracy for P1-3 – this is a new programme launched in 2020 in response to COVID/ More information here:  More information here.

Option 4: P5-7 Create with Pitch Pilot +/- IMS Link Up – this is a new programme launched in 2021 Click here to read more.

Option 5: ASN Delivery

This could involve Classroom Teacher delivery using Online resources (including Remote CPD).  Alternatively  ABC can offer a mix of ABC Specialist as well as delivery by Classroom Teacher. This can be live online/ or pre recorded videos or face to face depending on circumstances.

Outdoor workshops on any of the above are also an option for part of the year. 

Click here for more information on ABC’s usual face to face programme.

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements

East Lothian YMI is able to fund FREE access to ABC’s web resources for all ELC schools for six months. You will need to set up a login, and you can download the form here.

ABC Creative Music has a range of COVID safe options that can get music going in your school – with all the related heath & well-being benefits – whilst consolidating literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills.

Featuring easy to teach lessons suitable for non-specialists using videos and online interactives, staff can get remote online CPD to get them up and running. 

There are several options for accessing COVID safe instruments.

Click here for more information on:

    • Body Percussion & Numeracy
    • Tin Can Drum Kits
    • Free Virtual Instruments App for Tablets and Phones
    • Easy to set Home Learning Module to seamlessly move between in school and blended learning,
    • Remote CPD and Training Sessions at 11am and 3.45pm.
    • Literacy & Numeracy Through Music Programmes

When possible, ABC offers outdoor, physically distanced body percussion workshops for whole classes, to engage and inspire the school and complement the online programme.  Get in touch if this is something that would interest you.

  The YMI outcome for this project is:

  • People delivering youth music develop their skills and confidence
  • Young people increase their awareness of music and culture across Scotland, the UK and the world.