Build a Band

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Linking to community music projects in East Lothian, Build a Band works with young people who are finding the transition from primary to secondary difficult. Referred by their schools guidance support, young people in six secondary schools at S1 and S2 level are offered an introduction to accessible music making during school hours, with signposting and support to continue through a youth work programme based in the community.

Taster sessions are on offer and then the ten week programme delivered to small groups of young people based on need. A band project for example would include approximately 6 young people per group to ensure a quality experience. Recordings and performances will also be part of each group’s activities.

There is a strong emphasis on the young people leading on music and decision making, shaping the content and structure of their project and claiming ownership. Older pupils are encouraged to shadow the workshop leader in leading sessions and supporting the younger participants.

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Links are nurtured with out-of-school community projects such as Bridge Centre, Red School, The Space in North Berwick, Bleachingfield in Dunbar, and Inveresk café for Musselburgh, alongside performance opportunities at East Lothian Festivals such as Haddstock and 3 Harbours.

Build a Band has made a major impact on young people’s lives , and schools who have participated, have noted extremely positive changes in pupil’s attitudes to school, learning, and engagement. With its community music link, this project is a vital connection to out of school activity and a great conduit for signposting and sharing information about further opportunities.

“It has opened a new part of me that a never new was here”

We had some pupils that were quite disengaged with music / school and are now loving music and have recently taken part in a summer concert – they would never have had the confidence before to do this. These pupils were all put forward by Guidance teachers, and all have some issues whether it be behaviour, or lack of self esteem/confidence. A small group such as this making music is ideal for them to grow musically and socially.”

“The pupils involved learned to work with others in a responsible manner (turn-taking, listening to others following instructions etc) and to persevere at learning new material and instruments. Each pupil was able to contribute to the sessions and became more confident as a result. The sessions also contributed to pupils’ success in terms of their performance throughout the school and in fact helped three older pupils achieve significant success in terms of their music National performance exams.”

YMI Outcome for Build a Band is:

Young people develop their music and music making skills.

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements:
Build a Band practitioners have devised interactive online sessions designed for a small group of young people (max 4-5 per group). The content will be flexible and based on the interests of the group, and would include the use of ipads/ phones / devices. Any instruments would not be shared. A member of staff may need to attend in the absence of our practitioners being in the room (to be discussed with practitioners). It would involve weekly one hour sessions for up to 15 weeks, or as suits your school.
Build a Band is not suitable for outside delivery, but face to face indoors would be an option for a small group of targeted children. Sessions would be held in a well ventilated space with all precautions taken. Instruments would not be shared, would be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session, and physical distancing would be observed at all times.