Carnival Street Band with Oi Musica & Where’s the One?

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The Carnival Streetband is a targeted project, offering a crash course in drums and brass and culminating in an outdoor celebratory performance. This year there will be two strands to this project:

The Tromberbone Street Band for care experienced children and young carers in East Lothian, in collaboration with East Lothian Youth Services, Social Work department, and voluntary project Who Cares?
Structure: The streetband involves 3 full days of drum and brass workshops, (May 2022) and a repeat 3 days later in the year the same group of young people, helping to build musical skills and a sense of a real band! The intensive workshops culminate in a festival performance ( Haddstock 2022 TBC – link?).

Collaboration with ELC Instrumental Service. The Carnival Streetband project also offers a longer project in collaboration with East Lothian Instrumental Muisc Service.
Structure: Over a 9 week period, the streetband is based in a school and works with a referred group of young people, who may be less likely to take up learning an instrument in the school. The streetband provides an inspiring and accessible route into starting to play drums and brass, and this is followed up by the IMS tutors who support the pupils to continue with their musical learning after the 9 week YMI project has finished.
Both strands will involve: games, rhythm exercises, movement, words, rhymes and improvisation. Musical content ranges from Brazilian and African material to current pop tunes and film themes. Pupils learn the music by ear and play from memory, with additional material tailored to the needs of the class such as warm-ups and theme tunes.
Alongside developing basic technical ability on the instruments, participants will develop skills in listening, teamwork, how to support each other to learn, and how to contribute to a group creative process. The aim is to build self confidence, esteem, and nurture a greater sense of curiosity about music. The opportunity to perform on a public stage is integral to the outcomes of the project, giving young people a chance to shine. Pupils are supported to continue to learn a brass or percussive instrument through IMS.

YMI outcomes for this project are:

  • Young people who would not normally have the chance to participate take part in music making opportunities
  • Organisations in the music sector and beyond work together to strengthen the youth music sector for the benefit of young people.

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements Home Schooling:
Normally offered over 3 days, but open to negotiation depending on context, Carnival Street Band offers fun and accessible Brazilian, Cuban drumming, an introduction to brass music-making and the chance to shine!
Led by Marcus Britton of Oi Musica, and Mat Clements, ‘Where’s the One?’, the Carnival Street Band culminates in a performance either as online video, or live if permissible.
For care experienced children, P3 – 7, or vulnerable group in East Lothian.
The nature of the Carnival Street Band and the target group means that face to face live remains the ideal , but an online option has been also been devised by Marcus and Mat. Please get in touch with YMI for more details.