Charades Theatre Company

Award winning Charades Theatre Company will work with three P6 – 7 classes, involving a cast of up to 120 pupils. (When covid situation allows!).  

The participants are divided into 3 main character groups, suiting everyday school logistics for rehearsal, with each group getting their turn in the limelight with individual songs. Each group also part of bigger ‘chorus’ scenes, with professional actors performing with the children, linking scenes together with solo passages. The resulting show includes expertly devised choreography and actions, along with physical theatre techniques to minimise props and scenery.

The project is rolled out in stages, starting with staff CPD, and materiel for classes to rehearse in between workshops, with a coming together of all groups for final rehearsals and performance.

At present there are options of doing  a repeat of the much loved Treasure Island, which holds great resonance for East Lothian, due to RLH Stevenson’s connection to the region. Alternatively EL YMI piloted an intergenerational project called The Next Generation Game, which was brought both successes and challenges (March 2020), and we will explore the possibility of a development of this too. Options above will be dependant on the Covid situation.

The YMI Outcome for this project is:

Young people have more opportunities to take part in enjoyable, high quality, music making opportunities.