Music and Me with Dave Trouton

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Music and Me (delivered by Dave Trouton) is an Early Years music project that encourages children’s “emotional literacy” skills, as well as helping to establish essential pre-reading cognitive abilities.

These skills include active listening; concentration; sharing; turn-taking; carrying out instructions; leading and following; co-operation; collaboration and self-expression.

Music and Me can work well as a follow on from the Makin a Brew project, or as a standalone.


Each weekly music session includes a warm-up activity, games and exercises related to the main task or theme of the day (identified from the skill sets described above) followed by a story, song or group music making activity and a relaxation exercise. The sessions are designed to engage every pupil and progress over the weeks as the children’s confidence and listening skills are cultivated. An online pre recorded video and online CPD prep with staff has worked successfully if the project needs to move to online.

Music and Me has developed a “Test of Change” on-going evaluation of the children’s skill development, giving staff a real and invaluable insight into the progress of their pupils – as well as the effectiveness of the music programme as a teaching and learning tool. A CPD session for staff to explain the programme and introduce the Test of Change evaluation methodology, and give a Music and Me resource pack will be offered. (This is funded by East Lothian Support from the Start).

The YMI outcomes for this project are:

  • People delivering youth music develop their skills and confidence
  • Young people develop their music and music making skills

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements:
An immediate option is to deliver Music and Me outdoors when possible, to the smaller nursery bubbles. There would be rhymes and stories in place of singing, and no instruments.  Dave Trouton also proposes an online alternative, in which he creates weekly Music and Me session videos for East Lothian nurseries sent via a secure private YouTube link. There is also the option for some live interactive online sessions. In addition Dave hosts an online forum for teachers to discuss video content, so that material can be directed to suit the specific needs of their classes.