Science Ceilidh with Lewis Hou

The Science Ceilidh project (led by Lewis Hou) involves a creative musical interaction, for upper primary age including music, science, and biology, live traditional music performance, and ceilidh dancing. This project works best as a live face to face activity, and therefore is offered when the Covid situation allows, although online delivery back up is also possible.

The workshops include an exploration of how sound works, discussing the senses in relation to music, exploring brain anatomy and how we hear/listen. The workshops will involve ceilidh dance, listening and sharing skills, and teamwork.

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Structure: Each session has a special focus:

1.Exploring musicality, different types of music and the physics of how sound is made (slinkies, bells, tubes).

2 : What happens in the brain when we listen to music? Making the link between music and health and wellbeing, connecting to the senses, and the different parts of the brain, creating a ceilidh dance exploring different senses

Session 3:  Interactive discussion around music, science and technology and a look at hands on instruments such as the Makey Makey. The class will create a piece of music together & practice for end performance.

Sharing Ceilidh (30 mins Assembly): 

Performance of the classes involved in front of school and parents where possible.

Each session is followed up with a practical whole class activity (with online video support).

Teacher-led CLPL Twilight Session 4 6pm

This session will be co-led by the teachers involved over the 3 weeks to share their own learning & take leadership to embed into the rest of the school. Focus on interdisciplinary understanding, and information on research around the science of learning, creativity and health and wellbeing  from a neuroscience perspective.

“It was brilliant we loved working with Lisa and Lewis”

YMI outcome for this project is:

  • Young people develop their skills for life, learning and work