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The Singing Out! project offers fun and enjoyable music making and singing activities for P1 and 2, led by either Charlotte McMillan or Moira Morrison.  The sessions are built around the resources from the National Youth Choir of Scotland (NYCoS) which include singing games, rhymes and the use of classroom percussion.

We hope that classroom staff will be actively engaged each week, and will continue to practise with their classes during the week. In addition, a new element of the project this year will be to encourage and support P6 and P7 children to also learn the songs in order to lead and share with the younger P1s and P2’s This can tap into the primary schools ‘Buddy’ system, where an older child befriends and looks after a younger one.

The games and songs used during the sessions will be chosen for their ease of integration into the regular school day and potential for Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL). It is hoped to weave these games and songs into the heart of the school daily activities. The Singing Out! Practitioner will be available to assist with questions and advice throughout the duration of the project, which will run for 7-8 weeks.

Singing Out aims to fill the gaps in East Lothian schools which are not covered by the team of music specialists, thereby extending and complementing music making opportunity for the early junior years. 



Singing Games & Rhymes for Early Years Books 1 & 2. Copies to be provided by YMI / schools.

A Resource Pack offering weekly lesson plans with songs, tips for the games & ideas for extension.

A Google Classroom resource with 8 full 30-40min pre-recorded sessions suitable for either joining in at home (possibly whilst isolating or in lockdown) or for following in the classroom. Options for groups and individual participation are explained. The classroom also has a full video library of individual songs and game variations.

A second Google Classroom aimed at P6 and P7 “Young Music Leaders” containing short instruction videos for each song with advice and ideas for how to lead each game with the younger classes.

‘I definitely feel more confident delivering music. The plans and ideas provided have been invaluable.’

‘I particularly like being given ideas to incorporate music in other areas of the curriculum (maths/numeracy in particular)’

‘The class have really enjoyed learning with Charlotte and they are given the opportunity to be leaders in the learning as they have been good at remembering different games/songs/rhymes and rhythms and applying their knowledge in different contexts.’

The YMI outcome for this project is:

Young people have more opportunities to take part in enjoyable and quality music-making opportunities

Young people influence or lead youth music opportunities and have their voice heard in design and delivery

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements:
Due to the very nature of the playground games chosen in this project, Singing Out! lends itself very well to being conducted outside, weather and space permitting. If guidance changes on singing, then the full programme could, be delivered outside. If held indoors, practitioners would ensure social distancing and sanitising as per the school guidelines. The programme can be adapted to using spoken rhymes with the beat and rhythm elements of musicianship, in place of singing.  Currently we are able to offer interactive live sessions between our practitioner and the classroom over Google Meets. We also have a block of eight pre-recorded sessions available (with accompanying resources) if you prefer. Online options are available now so please get in touch to book.