The Big Drum Adventure with Mat Clements

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The Big Drum Adventure, led by Mat Clements aka ‘Mat the Hat’, takes a whole class (P4-7) on a musical journey with drums, percussion and voice, taking inspiration from world music and the diversity of drumming from many cultures including Brazil, Africa and the UK.

Introducing pupils to the exciting world of music making, building rhythm, and performance skills, Big Drum Adventure supports each pupil in building confidence and technical skills. Each project can be adapted for the unique needs of the class

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Structure : 9 weekly sessions for whole classes with every pupil actively involved, regardless of prior musical experience. Music codes for 2nd Stage Curriculum for Excellence are covered, with pupils learn a variety of specially chosen percussion instruments , drumming techniques, accompanying songs and how to play together as a band. Warm-ups and musical activities encouraging personal and musical development, teamwork and leadership are taught, along with integration of musical content with wider learning and class projects. Achievement is celebrated with ‘Drummer of the Week’ certificates and badges . Mat introduces weekly story-time visits to the ‘Museum’  revealing unusual and inspiring world percussion

The project finishes with in-school assembly performance, presented by the pupils, upload of a band recording to Soundcloud so pupils can share their achievements outside school with families and friends – see as an example.

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Listen to some examples of completed work here:

The Deil’s Awa Jig

Funky Drumming

Campie Primary Sessions 2018:

Mat and the Maroons

The Rocking Ronnies

Feedback for this project has been resoundingly positive, with schools remarking on how much it instilled confidence and self esteem in pupils who may have struggled in other areas of the curriculum. Big Drum Adventure has brought the heartbeat of the carnival into the centre of school life and been much enjoyed by all.

“All highly motivated and fully engaged. Couldn’t ask for better.”

“Very motivated about music lessons – and they’re playing rhythms all over the place. One child has asked his parent for a djembe for Christmas.”

“A fabulous experience in many, many respects. I would highly recommend this project”

What one word would you use to describe your feelings at the end of the music project?

“loud, proud, unhappy (because it was finished), enthusiastic, amazing, great, wow, brilliant, best, fabby, Out-of-this-world!”

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The YMI outcome for this project is:

  • Young people develop their music and music making skills
  • Young people increase their awareness of music and culture across Scotland, the UK and the world

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements Home Schooling:
Interactive live sessions can be streamed to children’s homes, with simple materials gathered from the kitchen for percussion. Mat can take half a class at a time, with a session for each, over a period of 4 weeks. Sessions include:
• Easy funky grooves with simple materials from the kitchen
• Fun musical warmups using voice and body percussion
• Bamboo stick making
• Visits through pre-recorded video to his superb Museum of Magical Minstruments – where pupils are introduced to unusual and inspiring world percussion through pre-recorded films and a quiz.

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements in School:
Big Drum Adventure has been adapted to be delivered via the classroom Smartboard, with drums delivered to, and staying in the school for the duration of the project. Features of the programme are:
• 7 or 8 weekly sessions for groups of up to 12.
• Every pupil actively involved in experiential learning, regardless of prior musical experience.
• Each project is designed for the unique needs of the class, in discussion with staff.
Pupils learn a variety of drumming techniques and how to play together as a band.
There are also weekly story-time visits to the ‘Museum of Magical Minstruments’, where pupils are introduced to unusual and inspiring world percussion through pre-recorded films and a quiz .

Covid-19 Delivery Arrangements Outdoors:
Where and when possible, there is scope for Big Drum Adventure to deliver sessions outdoors to a group of up to 12.