online resources & activities

YMI musicians and organisations have developed a fantastic range of online accessible resources to use at both at home or in a classroom setting. A valuable addition to face to face musicmaking, these resources offer plenty of ideas and extension activities for teachers and group leaders, as well as for anyone shielding at home.

In addition to our own YMI offerings, the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has collated an extensive list of further resources to be found here.

As resources and videos become available we will continue to add them here. Please keep checking back with us!

Makin A Brew

Makin a Brew, delivered by Gica Loening & Claire McNicol, is an Early Years /CPD project delivering live participative music and storytelling sessions for babies up to four year olds. Through weekly music and story sessions, Makin a Brew aims to build skills and confidence in singing, rhymes, games, and storytelling. A song booklet accompanies the programme and is issued to each family. Please view their YouTube playlist below to join in with some of their songs, rhymes and stories.

The Museum of Amazing Musical Minstruments

Mat Clements (The Big Drum Adventure) demonstrates nine unusual instruments from around the world. Aimed at P4-P7, each video has an accompanying script and short quiz. Click “play” to watch all the videos in order or click the link below to go to the YouTube Channel and choose.

Click here to go to the Museum of Amazing Minstruments Channel

We Can Fly

A song by Oliver Cox of the popular O Duo percussionists team. There are step by step YouTube clips on how to learn the song plus lyric sheets and hints on tips on how to play percussion using junk and household items. All accessible through the website link below.

The song is being performed here by children from Drumchapel (Glasgow) at Dundee’s Caird Hall

Music & Me

YMI musician and educator Dave Trouton’s website, Music and Me, provides fun and accessible games, songs and stories, for pre-school children and early infants. There is a weekly video in the children’s space to enjoy plus a teacher’s space and a parent’s space providing support, discussion, tips and ideas for using music and this resource at home or in school.

Click here to go to the Music and Me website

Hullabaloo at Home & Musicianship Games

East Lothian Arts Worker and Singing Out! practitioner, Charlotte McMillan has recorded over one hundred songs and musical games that require no prior musical knowledge and are taught, or explained fully during each short video.

Hullabaloo at Home activities for pre-school children and babies. The videos are of action songs and nursery rhymes, which you can mix and match, or you can choose a ready made theme/playlist. Below are a few sample songs but you can interact fully via the website.

For all available songs from Hullabaloo@Home click here

Musicianship Games for P1 children to adults. This section includes many of the activities covered in YMI’s Singing Out! sessions. The videos are grouped according to age & difficulty. Below is an example of a game that has three different levels of difficulty! The version shown is “moderate”. For the full tutorials and all the other videos, visit McMillan Young Musicians.

Bim Bom Biri. Click here for the simple version, and here for a bigger challenge!

Drake Music Scotland

Accessible resources tailored for additional support needs children but useful for everyone. Videos are grouped into “Joining in”, “Tutorial”, “Figurenotes” and “Training”. Please visit their website to find out more and explore.

An example of a “Joining In” Resource

National Youth Choir of Scotland (NYCoS)

Our partners, NYCoS, have developed two online resources:

Wee Summer Sing for ages 5-8 started on June 1st and is presented by a different tutor each week. Every day they teach a new song for you to learn and enjoy and there’s a group get together at the end of the week.

Click here to go to the Wee Summer Sing Page

They are also offering the NYCoS daily challenge which is aimed at age 7 children upwards.

Click here to go to the daily activity page

ABC Creative Music

Our partners at ABC Music have set up Home School to support all families during ongoing social isolation.
Fun interactive creative music lessons are available 24/7. Sign up here to access free online sessions with this great Midlothian based music project. The resource is also available to teachers and include music-making activities with voice, body percussion and classroom instruments. Fresh approaches to notation, improvisation and composition help children create on-screen, then perform using voice, body and classroom percussion. Smart design guarantees rewarding musical outcomes, giving you confidence and your children ownership.

Big Social Stomp

A lockdown creation from Oi Musica – connecting & making music with a whole host of special guests! Huge thanks to respected jazz legend Colin Steele for bringing melodies & vibes. Mat Clements on snare & shakers (Where’s the One?) and Big Brass Blast musicians. Simply press play to feel the groove and stomp away!

Tim Porteus, East Lothian Story Teller

Tim is a local story teller and author. Please click here to go to his YouTube Channel

Click here to view all available videos from Tim


Choonbaboon is the brainchild of our Song Writing practitioner, Alan Penman.

There are teaching videos, singalong videos and you can stream the backing tracks on Spotify.

You can also download lyric sheets on the Choonbaboon website

Visit the Choonbaboon YouTube channel


Starcatchers is Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years organisation specialising in creating performances and exploring creative activity for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-5 and the adults who care for them. Click here for their “Wee Inspirations” idea cards and more information.


In 2020, Swedish organisation Historieberattarna held a workshop on the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ensmeble Yria wrote the song below and the pupils from Adolf Fredrik’s Music School perform it here for your enjoyment.

A lovely uplifting video to watch and enjoy.