Mat Clements (Big Drum Adventure)

Mat is a musician, educator and performer who has independently run his own music company ‘Where’s the One?’ since 1998. His work is essentially with drums and percussion, with an emphasis on rhythm, fun, teamwork and passion for music.

In 2006 he created the ‘Big Drum Adventure’, which he has delivered across Scotland at primary level. As a gateway music programme, the Big Drum Adventure has introduced many thousands of children to the joy of music-making with drums, percussion and voice. In recent years Mat has developed new youth music programmes, which have included sound designing, Makey Makey electronics and now brass playing in his collaborative ‘Street Band’ project.

As a performing musician, Mat specializes in world percussion: pandeiro, congas, berimbau, cajon, cuica, udu pot, timbales and djembe, to name but a few. Often these instruments are taken from the stage to demonstrate and inspire in the classroom!

Mat spent many happy months between 2005 and 2017 touring the UK and abroad with Orkestra del Sol, which produced 4 albums along the way. When he’s not busy these days, you might find him in the hills with his dog Mr Wendel, whistling an old Brazilian samba….