Lammermuir Festival Community Opera

East Lothian YMI is delighted to work with long time partners Lammermuir Festival who are commissioning a major piece of work called Catriona and the Dragon by composer Liam Paterson and writer-director Laura Attridge. The commission will focus on working collaboratively with local people, schools and music providers alongside professional musicians, composers and creative artists. It will be based in Haddington.
Catriona and the Dragon is a fable for today, telling the tale of a terrifying force wreaking destruction on our fragile environment, an energy which ultimately is reconciled as a catalyst for change.
This will be delivered in Spring 2022 as a 3-day residency in up to 6 schools, for classes P5 or P6, led by a small group of musicians, using text, visual stimuli and a composed anthem to create musical prequels or sequels to the events which unfold during Catriona and the Dragon. This will involve:
• exploring how to use music to develop text/storyline using writing text, musical composition, graphic scores and improvisation techniques,
• creating a 20-minute narrative musical event with the children in each school,
• an informal sharing of work on the final day.
The children will learn to work as a team, musically and creatively and will have been an active part of the development of Catriona and the Dragon.
Elements of the devised material will be incorporated into the anthem performed by the IMS young musicians. Professional musicians would also visit other classes to deliver additional short musical sessions.

The YMI Outcomes for this project are:

Organisations in the music sector and beyond work together to strengthen the youth music sector for the benefit of young people.